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  1. Wow. Worthless post pal. Do you have any idea who you just posted that at? Probably not. He understand this game better than you will ever hope to and all he posted was an opinion, you somehow are just here to attack others. Children like you really should not be allowed on these forums.
  2. The new UI is okay but the tactics screen is a train wreck, no bones about it. I am watching my roommate play it and if it stays this way I will not be buying this game at all. Yeah, it is that bad that it is enough to keep me from buying it. This change was\rediculous... who in their right mind thought this was a good idea? It better be fixed in this version still! That sidebar also needs to be retractable.
  3. I wish I had stayed with 13. Too late now, there are too many things I would miss from 14. 14 does have terrific features but I just hope they fix the ME.
  4. I've had 3 stadiums disappear with no explanation at all.
  5. Yes it happens all the damn time. You see it in game in your individual player tactics. It is really annoying.
  6. The point here most people are making is that you have to make adjustments in the game in order to have success and a lot of people are complaining about having to do this because they do not have hours and hours to play a few games. The amount of thinking involved for a game is becoming too much and FMC limits you too much to be a viable replacement, and even in FMC you still must make adjustments to do well. The amount of immersion to play a single game in this is just ridiculous now. Yes I like to have one tactic that I made and ride with it, that is what I like, so? I don't even have the option to do this now.
  7. Get your captain to talk to him and yeah, making players unhappy is way too easy in this game.
  8. I play this tactic with Man City, it is a heart attack a minute! I win a lot of games but they are always so close and you just never know when the ME is going to score some lame goal on you. 1-0 and 2-0 a LOT and 1-1 or games like 2-1 a lot too. Love it.
  9. Yeh, a nice surge of interest even, and I think I know one person who is to blame for at least 30 copies of this fricken' game being sold and more than half of them play classic. Thanks Tie.
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