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  1. the game automatically brings up the menu when i receive a red or a player gets injured. if make a random sub its fine, so the red or injury is causing it.
  2. happens literally everytime i recieve a red or a player gets injured, making the game pretty unplayable which is a shame cos i really love FM13. & i swap the player straight away and it crashes.
  3. It happens with or without Graphics, and version 13.3.0 Here's a screenshot http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/attachments/football-manager-2013-discussion/320225d1363616550-player-gets-injured-then-freezes-arsenal-v-stoke_-pitch-full.png (wouldnt let me post a picture)
  4. its been over a year and still never got a reply or fix :/ Basically my player gets injured, automatically goes to the team selection for me to sub him off, then i make the sub - confirm it, then the game is paused, i cant press theplay button, it just stays paused, in the top corner it says leave match, but nothing else, all i can do is quit my game, keeps on happening, so i can't play as i near enough get an injury every game. Also happens when i get a red card?
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