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  1. Mine's a simple idea - one easy to implement yet will add some variety to the one element of the game that I sometimes find myself coasting through - press conferences. If there was some variety in the choice of sentences used when responding to questions - even if they effectively mean the same thing - then it would spice things up a bit. If I can be greedy and suggest two things then also some automatic log of team meetings so I can keep tabs on when I last held one, what was said, how it was received etc then that would stop me facing the heart-crushing "we seem to have a lot of meetings" :-) Sorry, I'm mid-game so this just came up too - it can sometimes take 10 minutes for a tactical change or substitution to take place - "Cancel Pending Changes" has seen someone I've tried to get off the pitch let me down way too many times. Surely as soon as the ball next goes out then the sub should be made? And if not the sub then certainly the formation changes?
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