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  1. Game had been running for around 6-7 hours before it happened. I might have minimized the game and then went back and it happened. Cant remember 100% though. When it happened yesterday i tried closing the game and open it again, but the mouse started moving immediately. To resolve the problem i had to reboot my pc.
  2. Changing USB port only helped for some days. Today the mouse suddenly started moving on its own again.
  3. Using the Steelseries 300, one screen. I tried changing USB ports and looks like it works so far. Will post back if that changes. Thanks
  4. Anyone? This is driving me crazy! I cant play the game....
  5. Never experienced this before. Some times when i go back to game after using my browser or whatever, the mouse starts moving left or downwards and theres nothing i can do to stop it. As soon as i ALT+TAB back to desktop it goes away, but starts again when going back to FM. All my drivers are up to date. Never ever experienced this on any games except from FM18. Any ideas? Edit: Now it happens everytime i start FM. So its basically unplayable.
  6. A few scouting problems.. *In the scouting screen, you cant right click on a scout and remove the current scouting country/area anymore. *Is Italy in the central europe? I set one of my scouts to scout central europe, and he started off in Italy. In the previous patch Italy was in the southern europe.
  7. Has the player attributes been improved? For example Daniel Sturridge wasnt that good when the game came out.. any updates in this patch?
  8. Update: After switching my GFX card it works smooth again. So you were right, Neil Anyways, thanks for your help! I appreciate it
  9. Reinstalling Windows didnt help.. Still the blackscreen and bluescreen after a while..
  10. I tried windowed mode and that works. Im installing Windows all over again atm. Lets see if that will fix the problem.
  11. Well, i first tried 960x540 test that ran with no problems. Then i tried 1920x1080 (resolution i use), and it crashed like FM does.. The black screen etc.
  12. Also tried to restore system settings back to a date before it started to crash.. still doesnt work.
  13. That didn't help either. I forgot to mention something, i also get a bluescreen after a while. Managed to get a picture of it:
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