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  1. Just a nice looking 3d pitch and club overview panel is done...
  2. @Tyggis, You need to put both folders from the file You just downloaded - club and person. /person/cfm/cfm person snapshot club overview.xml is missing to show the faces properly.
  3. @kennedfn, I found it in CFM Skin 2017 topic on this forum. Here You go: Open /panels/club/club overview panel.xml and find a code between line 204-210. Replace it with this: <widget class="background" file="backgrounds" id="bgnd" image_alignment="centre_x,centre_y" scale_picture="true" keep_aspect_ratio="true"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="bgnd" /> <integer id="set_property" value="file" /> </record> </widget>
  4. @steveyisatard, /panels/club/club overview panel.xml - line 200. Change inset value from "-15" to even smaller
  5. @fsquid, already in. @wicksyFM, player profile will comes out with full version. Will not share them before that @vonreichsm, from what I have remember it works perfect with "Vitrex City Pics". If You are using DS8 Megapack just take a look on CFM Skin 2017 topic here or my FB page - I resolved that issue a few times for sure.
  6. Simply put that into Your /skins folder. Club overview.rar
  7. @Crb1986, if that mod can be transferred from FM 17 to FM 18, why not? If it is not possible I highly doubt it. I will place a "mod" which allows anyone to set transparency by doing it manual. That is everything I can do if that addition will not work in FM 18. As I said earlier - CFM Skin 2017 club overview panel moved to 2018. Pitch still need to be done (it is going to be a "3d" one for sure but I need to work on that) and I will probably change a few things still. If anyone is interested I can share that panel for now.
  8. @Whatawaster95, @pedrosantos, @LeeCutty, glad that You already like that! @bluestillidie00, glad to hear that mate. If I have got a little bit of time for skinning it is still giving me a lot of fun. So I will create one for community. Hope You will change Your mind later @vonreichsm, thank You! Of course it is possible. Check out this thread: CFM Skin club overview panel is in progress right now. Will show some screenshots later if I find a little bit of time. @MathiOi, thank You! I have not started working on player profile but it will probably looks like the CFM Skin 20
  9. CFM SKIN will come back in Football Manager 2018! I will focus especially on layout + probably I will also move a few things from CFM Skin 2017 v2 + I will create a few new panels for certain screens. Screenshots shows what I have done with skin already. Still a lot of to do but I will try to release that skin as fast as I can just beacuse I do not know I will got enough time to continue my work in upcoming weeks... Share with me Your opinions and ideas. It is a skin for community so any feedback will make that skin even better! Greetings
  10. @Hootieleece, Emil mentioned a fix to this like 4 months ago...
  11. @bloodandfire, https://sites.google.com/site/michaeltmurrayuk/index-guides/football-manager-2017---how-to-add-a-manager-picture
  12. @oneronaldo, it's not beacuse of the custom skin - it's a game bug.
  13. For sure it is not possible. I tried to make something like this in my Evo FM16 Skin and it failed so hard...
  14. @Jusander, open client object browser.xml in panels/client_object and replace this: <widget class="sidebar_menu_table" id="side" width="50" appearance="boxes/bordered/standard/paper"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="objt" /> <integer id="set_property" value="cotO" /> </record> <attachment class="test_global_attachment" get_property="MnuS" mode="1" value="true" set_property="FoHi" skip_if_null="true"/> </widget> with this: <widget class="sidebar_menu_table" id="side" width="160" appearance="boxes/bord
  15. In tactic overview panel but I suggest You to not changing anything just beacuse it will probably destroy everything on pitch...
  16. There is a way to changed that: Should work with a primary colour... The only problem was an appearance of that icon...
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