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  1. I think that layout is done... and I won't touch it anymore. Starting to slowly creating/importing the most important panels and I will publish the first version of EVO. Which panels should be created/imported as the first ones?
  2. EVO SKIN (that's actually CFM SKIN also) will be back this year. That is guaranteed! Last EVO was a remake of Steklo x6... so this year I decided to go for something harder... x4... What you guys think about that? Is it worth a go? Pay attention only to sidebar and titlebar. The rest is simply copy-pase from a random skin for testing purposes only.
  3. Where can I find that background picture? Can you share it?
  4. Long time no see... Huge progress mate. Great skin!
  5. It is possible. What skin are you currently using?
  6. Just release it mate @bluestillidie00 and ignore all the requests. A lof of FM players are going to be happy with your effort!
  7. Small update already available on FMS - https://www.fmscout.com/c-fm18-skins.html?id=4694
  8. Working really hard on new update. I will try to release it this week (maybe even today... who knows)... Most of the changes are for layout, again. New buttons, new icons, tweaked sidebar and titlebar + bug fixes (just like the popup window with scoreboard after using instant result button). I have also got something special only for guys who supported me in 2018. Brand new panels (some of them are going to be with animations)...
  9. @steveyisatard <skin name>/settings/settings.xml <!-- attribute graph colours --> <colour name="graph line 1" red="255" green="255" blue="255" alpha="150"/> <colour name="graph line 2" red="50" green="200" blue="50" alpha="150"/> <colour name="graph line 3" red="50" green="50" blue="200" alpha="150"/> <colour name="graph line 4" red="255" green="0" blue="120" alpha="150"/> <colour name="graph line 5" red="50" green="200" blue="200" alpha="150"/> <colour name="graph line 6" red="255" green="175" blue="50"
  10. Which one exactly? Can You post a screenshot please?
  11. Screenshots please. Can't say why with only that kind of information... I should have somewhere still that layout so I can change opacity if You really want. Only for You. For everyone I will keep the current style. It can be a nice feature actually. Already got a few decent ideas. Thanks!
  12. Nope, it is just for a regular version but I think I can release a version for FMT soon but... layout only. No panels at all
  13. Looks fine for me on that res in my game. Weird... Try this: Go to /skins/CFM Skin 2018/panels/client_object and open client object browser.xml. Go to line 105 and play with that "true_value="50". Any higher like 55 or 60 should fix this.
  14. Can you post a screenshot of that issue? Remember guys - if You have got any problems/ideas/anything skin related, post a screenshot if possible. It makes everything faster + it saves my time. Thank You!
  15. CFM Skin BETA v2: https://www.fmscout.com/c-fm18-skins.html?id=4694
  16. Yeah, update would be awesome but... my SSD with system and all FM data broke (that was actually some time ago). I did not have any backups or things like that on my HDD so the progress I have made is simply lost... Few days ago I started recreating everything again (layout). It will take a while to create everything again (especially panels...) but I will try... If You guys noticed any bugs in current version (resolution bugs, something is missing etc.) just let me know right now so I will be able to fix that before next bigger update. Here is what I have got for now...
  17. A few layout changes with 125% zoom support and a few panels probably tomorrow...
  18. Skin should be available really soon from that link: https://www.fmscout.com/c-fm18-skins.html?id=4694 Important information: CFM Skin 2018 is right now in a BETA phase. I would like to release much more panels/etc. but simply I haven't got enough time for that right now so I mainly focused on layout. You can find just a few panels from CFM Skin 2017. Hopefully in near future I will be able to make MUCH, MUCH more. Skin should work really good on almost every popular resolution. For now it won't work on 125% zoom...
  19. As I mentioned in the first post: Share with me Your opinions and ideas. It is a skin for community so any feedback will make that skin even better! Feel free to share Your ideas/opinioms about the skin. @atreyuhc, almost every panel works well with FM18. You just need to change "layout_children" to "apply_to_children" (if I am not mistaken). Can not help with Your question right now beacuse I am not at home... I will try to release a beta version of CFM Skin this week...
  20. Working on layout + moving a few panels from CFM Skin 17 to 18. I think that for now I am OK with layout so I will focus more on @2x images + I will add a few panels more (just like player overview) and I can release a BETA version...
  21. I am back to skinning from now for a few days... Was in Sweden for a couple of days on a DreamHack Winter and before that I was preparing really intense to this tournament so I wasn't able to take care of anything related to skinning. I hope that I can release a first BETA version in upcoming days...
  22. @s_pasmus, 1) or 2) By decreasing a size of that panel. Go to line 142 in /panels/club/club overview panel.xml and change "default_width" value from -7 to -6 or -5
  23. Club overview finally ready (still not kinda satisfied with background behind the 3d pitch...). Got a free day from work tomorrow so there is a chance that layout and a few panels (player profile, club overview, team report, news and social media) are going to be released...
  24. @yonko, I will try to create that anyways. I do not know why but I kinda like them. It is easy to turn off so You should not have any problems with changing that if You want a standard look but I will do my best to encourage You to using it Wannachup did a nice thing with his "last starting 11" on club overview. He activated a faces from in-match preview lineups in club overview which is kinda nice. I know that the faces can be shown in FM18 but I did not even think about activating them in this panel. Should I give it a go?
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