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  1. Brand new "game processing panel" is in progress for EVO FM 2019 SKIN PLUS What you guys think about that?
  2. Brand new "club overview panel" for EVO FM 2019 SKIN PLUS
  3. @john1, for sure I will add more soon! @zbillu1989, club overview panel coming soon just like more background graphics. @bluestillidie00, are you using background selector? If yes, which one? Any problems with it (crash dumps etc.)? BTW. NEWEST UPDATE WITH A FEW FIXES TO EVO FM 2019 SKIN IS READY TO DOWNLOAD. ALSO EVO FM 2019 SKIN PLUS IS AVAILABLE! THROUGH FMSCOUT.COM AS ALWAYS! https://www.fmscout.com/a-evofm2019skin.html
  4. Newest update ready to download through FMSCOUT.COM! https://www.fmscout.com/a-evofm2019skin.html
  5. @bluestillidie00, no chance to bring that back? Anyone tried? Why they even removed that...
  6. @prot651, I believe we should be able to "fullscreen" the game and the small scoreboard should be there... or am I wrong? Is that still possible? Or they removed that option? EVO titlebar is just a little bit bigger than titlebars from other skins. A few pixels shouldn't make a big difference for HD/FULL HD resolutions.
  7. @bluestillidie00, thanks DARK and LIGHT version od EVO with new match titlebar should be available to download this Thursday!
  8. @Doddo04, I believe it is possible but it needs editing for sure beacuse (I am not sure) selector is going to replace some files and it can destroy a few things.
  9. @MIRKOFERRARI, not available yet. Maybe today I will be able to release it. @rootcoors, doing my best to keep everything clean, simple, elegant and full of informations. Glad that you like it!
  10. @Dariox, it should be available in future
  11. @parsdaft1982, skin is already available to download: https://www.fmscout.com/a-evofm2019skin.html. Without additions I posted above. They are going to be released in upcoming days! Match titlebar is also almost done... needs a few additions to improve a design.
  12. Dark and Light version with dark/light mode Twitter page:
  13. @thnigelfc, just FM things I believe
  14. @thnigelfc, I will take a look on that mate. I do not like bugs - especially casued by my work Would be awesome if anyone using any kits addons could check if it is happening in their game also.
  15. @paulorogpax, don't know honestly. Just one important thing. I am going to provide a support only for EVO things that I have made and they are not working as intended. I really want to help everyone but simply I do not have enough time for this. Right after I released my EVO skin my PM is full of personal requests... If I have got a time it is better to invest it into EVO so do not be surprised if I am not going to answer to that kind of requests. You can try of course but I am not going to guarantee that I can help. @bluestillidie00, thanks mate! @MrGizMo, yes I will add t
  16. @Roga, @paulorogpax, guys, redownload the skin from FMSCOUT.COM again. Evertyhing should be sorted right now! Sorry for problems. My bad...
  17. @Roga, @paulorogpax, ok... I know what is going on. My fault - everything I did was on my "main" file where some files got different names comparing to version you have got. Give me a moment... I will reupload everything and I will let you know.
  18. @Roga, windowed but what is your resolution in Windows?
  19. @Roga, guys please be more specific... Give me some more informations about settings or something... What is your resolution and zoom?
  20. @wiltshire118, pitch in stadium overview? I am almost sure that I did not touch panel like that. @bella699, I found about what is going on - download this: http://www.mediafire.com/file/oxle7rov2ozs99a/COMPETITION+NEWS+PANEL+FIX.zip and paste it to /skins/EVO FM2019 SKIN/. Thank you for reporting that issue!
  21. @bella699, weird... What is your resolution? And zoom?
  22. @prot651, schedule screen to far across? What you exactly mean? About solid BG - you can do it easily by editing /graphics/backgrounds/solid/paper.png to solid. @yonko, I will try dark themed Twitter. About "News" section... dunno yet but for sure I will find a good solution Thanks for feedback! @thnigelfc, it is available already.
  23. Skin is ALREADY available on FMSCOUT.COM. Link: https://www.fmscout.com/a-evofm2019skin.html. Have fun guys! As I said before - much more panels, layout changes etc. soon! @yonko, what do you suggest? "Dark mode" Twitter theme and something darker for "News" tab? What design you exactly mean? Any screenshots? Would be great!
  24. Skin should be available on FMSCOUT.COM as soon as admin is going to accept it. Link: https://www.fmscout.com/a-evofm2019skin.html For now in-game layout outside of the match is done (maybe I will edit it a bit in the near future). Layout inside of the match is my next priority! Except that... "Manager home" panel is the only brand new one in EVO FM2019 SKIN. "Player overview panel" is just a little bit modified - to be compatible with DF11 Facepack. "Social feed" and "News" are imported from my previous skins with a few changes. Much more SOON! Feedback appreciated
  25. I didn't even touch the panels. That one shown on a screenshot is from CFM 18. The most important thing for me is layout. The rest can be imported easily by everyone.
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