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  1. EVO SKIN should be released with the best "bits" from previous versions in next few days... dedicated panels for FM 2021 will come a little bit later.

    Any feedback is much appreciated. Also... what you guys want to see this year in EVO?

    Football Manager Screenshot 2020.11.28 -

  2. @Alexpuk2002, for sure I will try to put there nation badge. Not much but still it can look a little bit better.

    One of the solutions is to merge upper part of the titlebar (arrows, home, date, continue button etc.) with bottom part but... I think that will be to much and the titlebar will be overloaded. Will think about that. There is always something that can improve the overall look and functionality.

  3. @Alexpuk2002, that gap depends as always on resolution and on that section with menu - more options to choose, the longer menu is. The one shown on screenshot got only 6 options... there are also ones with just 2... and with 10+. If You have got any idea how to fill that gap I am listening as always ;) For now I was thinking only about some gradient behind the menu.

  4. @PequenoGenio, Neue looks really good - for sure I will use it as my inspiration.

    I already started creating layout but in FM19 - for sure I can transfer most of the stuff to FM20. Got a few problems already with a design but as always I need a little bit more time to sort everything in my head :D 

    Wanted to create horizontal sidebar but looks like it is impossible... that's so bad. I will post some screenshots in next week for sure with my progress. Any ideas are much appreciated.

  5. @Alexpuk2002, most of the time I am just playing with minus values (-1, -5 etc.) instead of specific numbers. Because of that I can adapt my skin to the most popular resolutions easier. For example - if in one horizontal line you have got two containers with -2 and -3 width values, that means the first container will take 40% of the free space and the second one the rest. I am also using "minimum_width/height" values so if there is not enough space to fit specific container, it will just disapear.

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