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  1. How can that even happen, why would Timbers 2 be in Champs league!?

    They won the US open cup (2nd teams aren't allowed in as of next year actually) and won their group consisting of Vancouver and Alajuanese

    another funny thing happened after the US open cup win, The T2 coach got the Sunderland job and did fairly well actually

  2. I'm using a 4-4-1-1 with Barry as a DLP(D) as Everton, but unfortunately he's leaving and as I don't particularly want to pay for him cause he's a little old and I've got enough older midfielders already... I have a few targets in mind that can play as a DLP, but none of them are particularly... defensive enough. Would a BPD be a good substitute so I could use, say, a designated holding midfielder?

  3. okay, so, here's something odd:


    Aston Villa being so high is super surprising; they've been mid table for years, and to be higher than everyone besides City is pretty incredible. Note that Chelsea is 6th. Villa fired their old head coach at the end of the season after finishing 14th...

    Now, who's the new head coach you ask?



  4. I went back to a Cardiff game I started, and I finally got to the intake.

    I've got this guy, who seems class:


    But I don't use AMC usually (4-5-1). Would this guy work better as a AML or a CM? I'm leaning towards AML because of the crossing stat. He has the PPM 'tries to play way out of trouble' as well.

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