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  1. Recently started a new Hertha save myself, I remember doing a fun one in FM15; I sold Kalou to Everton for $9m (replaced by Lukas Hinterseer from Ingolstadt for $3.1m as well as Chuks Aneke from Zulte Waregem for 1.4m), Stocker to Crystal Palace for $8.75m (replaced by Jimmy Durmaz from Olympicaos for $3.4m) and Hegeler to Hoffenheim for 3.7m (replaced by Jermaine Jones on a free and also Louis Reed for 1.2m) Playing a 4-1-4-1 (GK, FBs, CDd, CDd, FBs, DMd, Wa, BWMs, RPMs, Wa, DLFs), though, so Ronny and Baumjohann also had to go... Mostly because Ronny has always been garbage as long as I've tried to use him.
  2. Nation: Spain, Brazil, England, France, Scotland, Italy Division: Lowest Playable European Competition: Media Prediction: Board Expectation(s): Transfer Budget: Wage Budget: Finances: Other: An interesting team I can get one of the Hero achievements with. I did it once in FM14 with Colwyn Bay, but just looking through the list, nothing really jumps out at me, except for something like Racing, but that almost sounds too easy?
  3. Altinordu is a turkish version of Bilbao
  4. https://streamable.com/x3bf especially considering the level of play (Uruguayan second division)
  5. my beta save was the Timbers and I still play it on occasion (I'm at 2021), Alvas Powell turns into a fantastic fullback. Some recommendations for players that have American citizenship in Europe/S. America that you can usually get; Rogelio Funes Mori from Monterrey is a pretty good DP level striker (I even got his brother in 2020 because Everton got relegated just because I could), Derrick Williams from Bristol City, Caleb Stanko from Freiburg, Joel Sonora from Boca, Bryan Olivera from... uh, some Argentinian team, and by god get Erik Palmer Brown if you can. He's amazing, he has 15 acceleration and pace as a centerback. I eventually sold him to Europe (I think it was Derby?) for like $10m.
  6. With that out of the way, now to a team I don't know nearly as well, but is my best interpretation of them; Columbus Crew They actually had the opposite problem as us. They were great at attacking, and had a fantastic scoring rate, but they were fairly open defensively; they'd only kept 3 clean sheets at home all season. However, once they brought in Gaston Sauro, they've been way better, and with their attack still being as good as it is, it's no wonder they got to MLS cup final. here is their tactic as I see it: I was very confused where to put the two midfielders. Both of them are usually a little more defensive minded, though, so I dropped them to the DM spots. Now, Columbus likes to do one thing; Cross the ball to Kamara's head and score. and hey, it's worked out so far, so who are we to judge From what I've seen of them, they like to attack, and since they have homefield advantage they definitely will be. They like to play wide, exploiting the flanks with their wing players and fullbacks, and they like to cross it to Kamara. Steve Clark I don't have much to say about Steve Clark. He's a good goalkeeper, some gaffes, and he likes to do Daniel Bryan's YES chant to the Nordecke. That's about all I got, unfortunately! Harrison Afful Columbus have had the best midseason acquisitions this year by far, which include Harrison Afful. Ghana's starting right back, and you can tell why he's a good fit; he's fast, able to get forward and get back, got a good cross on him, as well as being pretty great defensively (I'd probably up his positioning a little if it were me). They've probably got the best fullback pairing in the league, and they play a large part in their strategy. Gaston Sauro Their other midseason acquisition has been Gaston Sauro, whom they got from Basel, and he's been fantastic too. He's a little more... reckless than Parkhurst, but it's hard to argue how great he's been. He's shored up their defense very well, and works very well with Parkhurst specifically. Centerback was definitely a weakness before he came, since they'd sold Giancarlo Gonzalez to Palermo last year. Michael Parkhurst Their captain and former US international, he was acquired from Augsburg last year. He's good, smart and likes to sit back while Sauro goes forward to win headers usually. Just a generally good MLS caliber centerback. Waylon Francis Their left fullback and another great player. Likes to roam forward and has got a killer cross on him, plus the fact that he's very fast. If they have this same back line next year, they will probably be very scary Tony Tchani He was recently called up to the Cameroonian national team (though he had an injury and didn't play), and it's not hard to see why; he's a strong and quick presense in the midfield, playing the destroyer to Trapp's distributor. He generally gets further forward than Trapp, so I gave him that. Will Trapp He's seen as the hair apparent to Beckerman ( ) in the USMNT because of how well he runs the midfield. He great at passing and at tackling, he's very calm on the ball, and he rarely makes mistakes. One of Columbus's home grown players, and probably their most successful to date. Ethan Finlay He's a pretty standard pacey winger with a good cross, but that's good enough when you have a Kamara in your team. He's one of a few MLS players that people have been harping on Klinsmann for the national team, and with his 13 goals and 13 assists... He definitely deserves it, at least to see what he's got. Federico Higuain Older brother to this striker that plays for some italian team, he's a pretty standard #10. He probably shoots more than an AP(A) does, though, so I gave him AM(A). He's well known for his chips, in that that's pretty much all he ever does ever (kidding, ofc), and he's got good vision as well. Justin Meram Iraqi international, Meram generally cuts inside vs. Finlay's standard wing play. He's pretty smart, he makes good runs and can shoot the ball pretty well, also has the record for fastest playoff goal, which was 10 seconds. Which involved... Kei Kamara The man that Columbus is centered around, quite literally. Matched Giovinco's scoring record in the regular season, though he has a bit more now that Toronto got dumped out of the playoffs (as it should be). Amazing in the air, he's their focal point for a reason; he's the best forward in MLS (not named Giovinco), and if Columbus is going to win, he needs to have a big game. So that's it! Hopefully that interested a few of you, and hopefully you can point out improvements to my tactic to make it more realistic.
  7. I've never done one of these before but, well, I thought it'd be interesting to see what everyone else thought and if I made any mistakes or what not, this is just my interpretation of them. I'm also not nearly as knowledgable about the crew, so, if I made any mistakes... well, I won't be offended Portland Timbers Even a few months ago, I wasn't convinced we'd make it into the playoffs. We made plenty of chances, we had one of the best defenses in the league (and we would have if we hadn't had that run of being beaten 12-1 by LA, Philly and Dallas away from home), but we weren't putting away any of them. We bought Lucas Melano and he didn't necessarily add finishing to our repetroire, so I worried. Our coach played pretty much two formations, a 4-2-3-1 double pivot type system and a 4-4-2 on occasion. It wasn't until about 6-8 games until the end of the season that he switched to a 4-3-3, and that pretty much sparked us into life; we are unbeaten since introducing that formation, we've beat teams fairly handily (@LA 5-2, COL 4-1, VAN 2-0 over 2 legs). So with all that said, here's their formation as I see it, and the lineup I'm predicting for the final: We like to control play. Porterball is a Thing people say about our coach. We tried to be more pragmatic, which led to the stellar defense, but it wasn't helping our attack (which was one of the best in 2014, btw). So he switched to this. As I said previously, it's done so well... I played a Portland save in the beta and I actually just used a narrow 4-3-1-2, because we don't have that many left wingers/fullbacks. but Porter probably knows better than I do So I told them to pass out from the back, which is usually done by West Brom/Villa/Birmingham legend Liam Ridgewell, we like to exploit the middle with Nagbe and Valeri, we tend to try and be more creative as well, and we also like to play quickly most of the time. here's the team: Adam Kwarasey: We signed him on a free from Stromsgodset in Norway after he played 150 times in the league for them, and he's been great. Really, really has, considering our goalkeeper last year was rickety Ricketts... Anyway, he likes to play the ball at his feet more, and with that I gave him sweeper keeper on support. He makes small gaffes on occasion, but he does pull out fantastic saves as well. He even won the save of the year... which was stupid, I can think of 3 saves alone better than his, but we like to stuff virtual ballot boxes. He also tends to slow play down, which is why I gave him... slow down the play. Alvas Powell He's been with the club since 2013, but we signed him permanently late last year. He's our most promising player, and I firmly believe that if he learns how to pass the ball and how to cross reliably, he can play in the premier league. Anyway, he started off fantastically but he's kinda dropped off a little. He's still amazingly fast and great at one on one battles, but he does get caught out a lot. IRL, he probably has the get further forward PPM, and with the fact that Melano (or Asprilla) tend to not track back as much... well, that's why we have Borchers on the right I guess. Nat Borchers The bearded wonder himself! We probably have a few better players than him, but he's been our best player this year. He's popped up with goals, he leads the league in blocks, including This one, which was so amazingly clutch... If Perez had scored we'd be tied on aggregate and going into extra time. Luckily he blocked and we scored like a minute later Anyway, he makes up for his speed by being a fantastic reader of the game. We're lucky RSL decided to give him to us Liam Ridgewell Someone people might actually know! We signed Ridgewell on a free last year to help our defense, which helped a little but not enough (we probably put too much responsibility on him and he has been better this year). Anyway, he's our quicker centerback, and he's a better passer. He's been our captain ever since Will Johnson got put in the dog house, and I think he's a good enough captain to warrant it. Not as spectacular as Borchers, but he does his job and does it well. most of the time. Jorge Villafana We traded him from Chivas USA last year, and he's made a permanent home at left back since last July or something. He's amazing, honestly. He's never put in a terrible performance, he's shut down amazing attackers like Michel Barrios without being fast or strong... he's way underrated by FM to be honest. Probably been our second best player out of the whole year behind Borchers. Diego Chara What can I say about this guy? He's fantastic... He played the double pivot role alongside Will Johnson, and then Jack Jewsbury and George Fochive this year, and he's always been good, but he's only gotten better playing as the true #6. Amazing work rate, amazing tackles, amazing smiles... He's just been lights out during our run in the 4-3-3, and is part of the reason why Will Johnson isn't being played. Diego Valeri El Maestro himself... He's definitely our best player in terms of actual ability, but he tore his ACL in the last game of the season last year and hasn't been fully up to his best since literally our last game against Dallas. He's our best passer, long shot taker, second best dribbler, most creative... He's incredible, straight up. He shoots more often than the AP(A) does, but he's too creative to be a CM(A). Darlington Nagbe the latest US international (well, Miazga too but) to grace the scene, Darlington Nagbe has had a rocky two years. He's never been awful in this stretch, but he's had a hard time scoring goals until this late run. He is our best dribbler by far, and he's been incredible since moving to the middle, also adding good defensive work. Unfortunately, he doesn't really have a left foot... Lucas Melano Our latest Designated Player, we signed him for 5m dollars from Lanus, the club we got Valeri from, this summer. He's got promise to be sure, but he's not been, well, 5m worthy. He'll be better next year once he has a preseason to gel, but I gave him the start over Asprilla as he had a better game against Dallas in the second leg, including scoring an amazing dribbling goal... admittedly bolstered by the fact that they were super tired. He's really fast, got a decent dribble on him, and he's definitely been getting better. Rodney Wallace Rodney is a decisive figure amongst Timbers fans. He's alright, he tracks back a lot and definitely helps with the defense, but he's not the best attacker. Which is probably a little unfair since he does have 6 assists, but I'm not necessarily the biggest fan of him either, he's definitely in the one area we could use an upgrade. Still, he does his job, does it well, and is a lock. Fanendo Adi He's literally the very definition of deep lying forward irl. He's so strong, he holds off defenders and can dish it off to someone else, and he can finish plenty too, he has the Timbers single season scoring record. He's always been our one shining light in the striker department, but he wasn't great until the 4-3-3 switch.
  8. I've never really done one of these before, but I've wanted to do a Finland save for a while, and this is a good way to do it, right? and I know you wanted us to put our real nationalites and stuff down, but I couldn't help myself once I saw the club I wanted to manage; introducing Lara Croft, manager of Atlantis FC.
  9. Mike Petke being let go at the Red Bulls despite getting to the eastern conference final and winning the supporters shield the year before is a good example.
  10. I got promoted as Chesterfield, 2nd place (after a pretty hectic final day, 4 teams could've gotten the promotion spots) and I realized that my team wasn't ready enough for the championship. and I was right to a point, my first season in the championship was a slog. We were never above 12th, and though we ended 16th... we were still only 4 points above the drop. We played a counter attacking style mostly, bottom of average possession, bottom of completed pass percentage, etc. my transfers: the important ones were Selling Miguel Angel Riau was important to fund a lot of it, and he was mediocre at best anyway. Lawrie Wilson, who was probably my most consistant signing. Fran Ganfornina, (who I really want to rename to Fran California) who was my playmaker and did it alright for the most part. Dani Pacheco, who I signed as a striker but is probably going to be my main playmaker now that I signed a new striker; Sergi Enrich from Eibar despite the fact that he scored literally zero goals for Eibar in La Liga, which I just noticed. Oh well! My top performers were Charlie Raglan, who was the rock in the back and was often the only defender with a rating above 6.3 Despite the fact my assistant still doesn't think much of him. Gboly Aribiyi, who is an incredible winger and made the jump from League 1 to the Championship perfectly. Hopefully he gets a call up soon League table: Soton was so very very close to being relegated twice in two years, in which case I might've been tempted to join them and see if I could bring them back up. Hopefully we don't get dragged down in the relegation scrap again...
  11. So, looking through the clubs... Nothing really stood out to me, so I went to my old standby of playing a team with an American in it. So, here I am, the new Chesterfield boss. I also like the look of the squad, to be fair. I only needed a few ins: Bevis Mugabi from Soton for 130k, a centerback I hope can develop into a premier league player Oliver Burke on loan from Forest for RM cover and two Spanish guys I only found because I was looking for a different Diego and some regen Diego popped up as a scout... Fer, a backup ball winner, and Miguel Angel Riau, my starting left back. However, I did sell two players: I hated Sam Morsy when I used him in my Turkey save so I got 675k for him, and I got rid of Harrison because I only needed three strikers.
  12. here's what I do since my computer isn't that great; load 4-6 leagues, mostly USA; England, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal (or one I'm playing like Turkey or Belgium). load all current national players from every continent. It gives you some great players you might not have otherwise, especially from places like Persepolis or TP Mazembe.
  13. um, I'm not getting any injury notifications on my current save. Is there something I need to turn on or something? I started this save on the pre RC patch iirc
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