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  1. Nono its not my fixtures are the same year in, year out. Its that in any individual year, every team plays their league fixtures in the same order, starting at a different point in the order. So this means that every team I play will have recently played (and normally lost to) City and Chelsea in their last 2. This means they tend to have lower morale. Meanwhile, other seasons you could be following Crystal Palace and Fulham in everybody's fixture list, thus playing every team just as they hit form.
  2. Hi WWFan quick question. You set the zonal marking in TC but then use the shout Hassle Opponents. This sets every player to tight man marking and max closing down when in game. So wouldn't this really affect the side's familiarity with marking and closing down? Also does the "move into channels" instruction have any effect on the IFs or does it only affect central players' movement? It would seem more appropriate as in real life, (especially before Neymar arrived) the wide forwards often made outside to inside runs into the channel inside the fullback before recieving a through ball. This to me is different to "cut-inside", which seems to involve recieving the ball wide and trying to dribble infield. I get that you were trying to use the tactics creator for this Barca style approach, but I'm just wondering if move into channels has an effect on wide players or is it like telling your DC to hug touchline.
  3. First let me say I'm still playing FM13, so this may have changed for FM14. If it has been, then this thread will look ridiculous. I really think the way the league fixtures work in FM needs to be changed. Basically, in FM, everybody plays every team in the same order, but stars at a different point on that order. So in my Newcastle save, Chelsea started the league with Swansea, Southampton, Everton, Arsenal, Tottenham. Us (Newcastle) began with Norwich and then played Swansea, Southampton, Everton, Arsenal, Tottenham. So I'm basically going through the season playing the team Chelsea have just played. Similarly, Man City began with Southampton and then played Everton, Arsenal, Tottenham etc. This means that the teams I come up against have normally played City and Chelsea in there last 2. As a result, I tend to face teams who've had bad results in their last 2 matches (since Chelsea and City win most games) and thus they have lower morale. I feel like this has given me an unfair advantage. Similarly, next year I could be following the bottom 3 and so every team I come up against could just have hit form. AFAIK this isn't how fixtures work in real life (they're more random) so why do they work like this in FM?
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