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  1. As an avid Football Manager player, there's one thing that has always annoyed me. I am from Norway, and usually play in the Norwegian divisions. In the beginning it's all fine and dandy but as the years drag on, I become superior in Norway and tend to either develop or purchase the best norwegian talents in order to fulfill the requirements when registering players for the division (16 out of the 25 players have to be trained in Norway for three years before their 21st birthday). I honestly don't mind this either as it promotes a good national side, but the only downside is that during the World Cup and the European Championships most of my squad is out on international duty but the games in the Norwegian top division remains as the schedule is from March throughout November. This leaves me without a squad and I know what most of you will think. "Can't you just use Under 21 players as they shouldn't need to be registered?" That's the issue with the Norwegian league as I cannot use anyone outside of my 25man squad (other than cupgames). So I ask of the possibility to apply for a postponement of matches in the circumstances I don't have enough eligible players. I've included two screenshots of two different matches during the same European Championship where I've been absolutely destroyed by the players on international duty.
  2. Hi, I wanted to try something new, so I started a career on Classic mode. After three seasons I'm missing all the original features, and I want to have the complete experience Football Manager has to offer. I have been looking around for a while, but I haven't found a way to change it from classic mode to the normal one. Is this intended, and do I have to start an entire new career? Thanks in advance.
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