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  1. Haha, thanks for noticing! yeah - still going, been busy though September update soon
  2. SEPTEMBER 2013 The month of September somewhat strangely started with a fixture in August due to Bigfrys inability to decipher the Gregorian calender. Dan Thompson was firing on all cylinders. The big man took up responsibility of lone striker in Bigfrys more favoured defensive 4411 approach. A 4 goal haul at home to the struggling Hyde... was followed by another hat-trick seven days later versus Lincoln. The bees faithful fully appreciative of the pace and power the former Bognor Regis player possesses. Signed as cover for Jake Hyde, Thompson is a real menace. Six foot four tall with great athleticism. If you are managing Skrill premier, he is a must, Skrill N or S and, if you can get him, you should be laughing all the way to the championship. Still undefeated, although slightly worried by the amount of goals conceded. Four matches without a clean sheet. Fantastic news on the transfer front as Luis Boa Morte pens a one year deal. His recent spell in the South African Premiership didnt go as planned and a move back to Englands capitol seemed just what the doctor ordered. Having played 36 times for Portugal, Bigfry is claiming this as a massive boost to his young sides championship credentials stating. "Players like Luis, simply put, are too good for 5th tier football." Memorable moments *Dan Thompsons outstanding goal scoring. * Beating table topping Macclesfield 5-1 in front of the TV cameras. * Signing 36 year old Luis Boa Morte on a free transfer.
  3. AUGUST 2013 The opening match of the campaign saw Barnet kicking off against Chester, fresh from a promotion last term. Any dreams the Cheshire side harbored of victory were dealt a killer blow as after only 6 minutes new signing Mike Grella neatly tucked away a Villa cross with his head. A perfect start for the American whom etched his name in the clubs history books as the first goal scorer at the clubs new stadium, The hive, and a hopefully a sign of things to come. Villa skinning his marker with consummate ease. Despite the influx of new players we were moving the ball about like a well oiled machine, the mix of Fitness training and team cohesion clearly proved its salt like worth. An unbeaten run saw us into second place. The only blemish being the away fixture at Gateshead, where despite falling behind twice, we fought back for a well earned point. Memorable moments * Pipping Everton to the signing of 16 year old English CAM Tom Perry - Initial scout reports suggest this young man can become a leading premiership player one day. Perry subsequently became Barnets youngest ever player, earning a place in the starting line up for the away win at Tamworth. * Mike Grella scoring Barnets first ever goal at the Hive on his debut. * Luisma Villa and David Stephens winning player, and young player of the month awards respectively.
  4. PRE SEASON The starting squad at Barnet FC is very very good considering we are competing in the Skrill premier, the 5th division in English football. Suffering relegation last season, the club managed to hold onto most of its core of players, probably due to the fact that Edgar Davids carried on as manager. The likes of David Stephens and Louisma Villa should be far too good for this division. Deciding to take the cut throat approach I negotiated mutual termination of my entire back room staff (aside one U18 coach who looks OK for a cheap wage), costly, but an evil necessity if i am to garner a decent set of coaches and start bringing my players potential to fruition. With some pestering of the board I was able to get an extra coach and an extra physio (*Coughs = another coach!) So including the assistant i have 5 first team coaches. Very happy with that, and especially with the increased wage budget (increased from 18k to 22k a week ) The playing squad also endeavored big changes. Many new faces were signed on free transfers, to be honest the preseason campaign could not have gone sweeter, both on and off the field. Gambling on Mike Grella whom is eating up a £2600 contribution of the wage budget! But he looks a classy player, one that can really excel in this division. Considering the squad I have I am super happy with the fact we are only spending £17k a week on wages, leaving me over £5k to play with when the January transfer window opens. Friendlies consisted of traveling away to local nearby teams. Although playing lots of home matches generates a better income, it cuts up the playing surface, something i do not want, as my team will be looking to get the ball on the deck and play attractive football. Home matches were against Aberdeen, Bristol City and the most hated... Enfield! A dramatic late winner saw off their attempt to get something other than abuse form the match... A vital victory for fan confidence... Very pleasing results against Bristol city confirmed the 451 defensive tactic is looking good for shutting up shop. SEASON EXPECTATIONS SKRILL PREMIER = WINNERS FA TROPHY = WINNERS FA CUP = 2nd ROUND TRANSFER HISTORY FRIENDLIES
  5. Imagine where the sliders would be in FM13 by default... Applying any type of team or individual instructions is akin to tweaking these sliders... True that in many cases, an instruction will alter more than one aspect. I believe the slider system is still very much in use in FM14, only now it is hidden thus making specific quantum adjustments prohibited... I strongly recommend that people watch matches in full, at least for long enough to analyse what their players are actually doing. Only by doing this will you be able to effectively apply the instructions and actually notice what the difference is. Many work in ways that are not necessarily what people generally expect. It isn't really possible to state exactly what any given instruction would do generally, many other factors come into play... However generally, 'Hassle opponents' will cause an effect on the following... The teams defensive line will become higher, players will be more likely to attack the ball carrier regardless of defensive cover/positioning. Close down more will instruct a particular player to be more willing to engage the ball carrier at the expense of defensive positioning
  6. Totally understand where you are coming from... But, with perseverance I (and I guess like many others are) am slowly understanding your concepts, so in general, I think you have done a very good job of making the language easy enough to comprehend... Obviously the most effective way for you to tutor all of the different priorities with regard to how they are actually implemented within the GE, would be to video capture a selection of in match footage and provide commentary in which you outline the relevant roles and highlight certain players that are behaving in the way in which you are describing... Thus you could physically show us the subtle details (which are somewhat awkward to describe in lay mans terms) in action... This would require a lot of work though, mind you, looking at what you have already pitched I suspect that is something you would relish!!!
  7. Also wondered if your ideas explain somewhat the really bad defending of corners after the initial header has been won/lost. It seems as though, if the defensive team wins that initial header their team mates situated around the edge of the box and ignore defensive duties. Almost as if they feel possession has been won and that they can solely focus on their attacking priority of making space etc.... Maybe because play is restarted via the set play, players haven't climbed far enough down the mentality ladder by default :o
  8. This post has made such a difference for my understanding of how to implement what I desire into FM14, very grateful, thanks. Looking forward to reading through it again presently. I do though have a question... A players tactical priority, does he just have the one? or would he have a tactical priority for each phase of play ie, Def, Control and Attacking? Your explanation of Roles and their effect on shape inspired me to create this... A 14.2.2 Defensive monster,
  9. Mostly you can edit each role and fill in the grey areas so to speak... Personally I miss the sliders. I may want my team to play with an attacking mentality but that doesn't mean the CB's should have the smae mentality as the poacher, and that's pretty much how it is in 14... Shadow striker seems way over powered in terms of winning the ball back. I am working on a tactic with a whole midfield full of them
  10. You can pretty much work out what instructions are assigned to each individual role... by editing their individual instructions, you will notice some of them are grey, hovering the mouse will reveal that the instruction is already selected/not possible for role etc... The fun I am having is working out where the sliders for 'mentality/creative freedom/width etc.' would be (as in FM13) Then adjusting individually by means of the individual shouts... I am assuming they would be pretty much the same.
  11. This would be a Hardcore game mode.... Those that want the usual FM exp.... would need not tick the 'hardcore box' upon setting the game up
  12. Currently the manager profile page is pretty primitive, considering it is a manager game you'd think they put more effort in with regards to the managers profile... I'd like to see a hardcore option. When upon creating a new manager you assign skill points to attributes he might have. This would in turn then influence the options available to you playing as that manager within the game... For example, one might assign lots of skill points to training knowledge. This would in turn open up more training drills that the manager can carry out with his players (Training drills is another idea i have where training should be split into sessions and drills organised... The drills would specifically train certain attributes.. Like it? ;P) The better a managers training knowledge the bigger the variety and quality of the drills he is capable of training his players with. As with all of the manager attributes these would increase, decrease dependent upon the skill of the user etc... Imagine 100+ drills and you having to work to open them up? Also coaches should come with the knowledge of certain drills etc... the better they know the drill the more effective it is. Same applies to man management attribute, more advanced options and txt chat become available as you progress as a manager. For example a player might have a certain problem, an inexperienced manager wouldnt have the option to deal with it as well as a manager with better man management attribute... When setting the previous playing experience... That could decide how many skill points you get to assign at the start etc etc etc...
  13. My god!!! You still at the Hive??? Also interested to know how you approached the first season. I am on my usual Barnet save...
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