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  1. Anyone know how you can manage your subscriptions on FM18? I can only follow/unfollow leagues etc, without specifics on what I would like to see in my news feed, ie manager departures and board takeovers... Any help would be great!
  2. Subscribe to all active leagues, then go to your 'manage subscriptions'. From there, 'select all' (bottom left(ish) of screen), then near the top right of the screen, select the"X". This will de-select all parts of the subscription, then tick on 'board takeovers'. You will then have a news prompt for any and all news relating to takeovers. Hope this makes sense....
  3. That Middlesbrough team has got to be a fix. Over 80 goals and 4th position? Naaaaaaa.
  4. The latter. Unless for some reason you popped up with youth intake of a combined nationality, ie Spain. Potential ratings are suited to the country, making it easier/harder to produce a great player from that particular country. That's what I've interpreted from previous threads anyway.
  5. Bobby Reid and Scott Murray both play it a lot. "Who?" You ask....
  6. Same language players should be able to support each other regardless of nationalities. Something for FM15?
  7. It takes a few consistent seasons to improve the attendances. I had a team getting just over 1k in the Scottish Prem, a few seasons later they fill their ground at 9k. The average gradually increased as they continued to impress and maintain a much 'higher' level of attainment.
  8. MVV NEC Berwick Hartlepool - who I'm managing and got 57k+ stadium being developed and 5 star rep club worth over £1B Yeovil Northampton A few have fallen through at various clubs along the way. In 2027/28 season.
  9. I thought Cisco went bust? I had a good save with this team a couple years ago.
  10. Maybe it depends on the nation of the league you're managing in?
  11. I sold a Comoros international striker to Dortmund for over £20M.
  12. I have a stadium under construction as manager of Hartlepool. Expansion max is 19, 111 and the new one is over 37, 500 with a roof and undersoil heating. This was a smooth process and all done at first attempt and will be built for the following season (2026/27). Though I do have an 'Oil rich' tycoon who owns my club. Good luck with yours as some people do struggle, as mentioned above.
  13. I've turned down bids as high as £45M. So far though my highest fee is about £25M from Dortmund for a 2.5 star (good) Premier League striker who was and is still not an international (French). Doesn't even play that much for Dortmund.
  14. I think it's more about your finances and standards of facilities and stadium. Revenue also affects it too I believe.
  15. My team (Bristol City) sell season tickets for U-19's at £52! I would assume yours is an adult though? I hope so anyway! If the topic starter thought that ticket sales are cheap in Brazil, go check how much to watch Shakhtar Donetsk. Again it's down to factors, such as the economy and comparison of currency etc....
  16. Okay, thanks. It may also be worth noting that Ashton Vale is no longer going ahead and the current stadium (Ashton Gate) is being expanded over the next few seasons. Eventually to 28k capacity, starting this pre-season. I believe the capacity this season will drop to about 14k. Just throwing a bone out there
  17. On my game I noticed that a stadium is built and not used by it's intended club. Yeovil Town moved to Ashton Vale when their stadium was being expanded. Ashton Vale doesn't exist at the start of the game and is built somewhere around 2016 (can't remember 100%). But more to the point, this stadium should be for Bristol City to move into as it was their new proposed stadium. So basically, a 'ghost' stadium is built in the background of a game and unused unless a local club needs to move grounds on a temp basis for expansions.... I know of this one, The Ricoh, and Darlington's 25k stadium are unused unless required, any others? The Ricoh does eventually get reused by Coventry though.
  18. It may be due to other processes working in the background on your laptop?
  19. IRL, are there actually any stadiums named after a playing/managing legend? It is a strange feature in the game. More of a gimmick.
  20. It may be difficult, but I think it would be good to go down a check box list of what you want to include before you start a new game.
  21. I'd rather not bother with the editing tool. Was just wandering if anyone knew if you can officially add youself for when FM15 comes out. Thanks for a great, cynical reply though - very helpful.
  22. I know it can be done manually, but I tend not to mess with the editor... Is there a way I can submit myself as an 'official' regen for FM15? I tried to find a thread for this, but failed
  23. 2021/22 season. English, Italian, Spanish, Scottish & Dutch leagues. Current day in save is 26/12/21. Tycoons in this game: NEC (in Eredivisie) MVV (in Eredivisie) Berwick (in SPL) Yeovil (in L2) Hartlepool (in Premier League) Sanse (in 2nd tier)
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