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  1. Don't run a poacher without another center forward or an AMC to back him up. Set him to DLF, F9, or my recent personal favorite if he has a good stamina stat DF. I have had success bringing solo AF-A into the game but only with a world beater IF-A. Poacher just gonna sit around drinking a cuppa waiting for the chance that never comes. Don't even mess with your formation just try using almost anything but poacher.
  2. I think the trick is just like in real life your coaches and scouts can only tell u their opinion and its only so accurate. If you have a guy who's stats are going still going up up up in his early twenties still even tho he is listed as 3ca/3pa then you see something everyone missed. Looking at the people individually is so much more important than the assistant recommendations... I find them to be really really wrong. I have a veteran listed as 1 star he has been with the team 10 years and everytime I sub him in or give him a rotation chance due to match congestion he outperforms my 3.5 star primary player. Then there are also the guys who somehow have 4 stars or 3.5 stars but they are a winger and have acceleration 3 pace 5 but every other stat is gigantic. The man is useless because the opposing fullbacks run circles around him and get the chance to attempt like twelve tackles before he gets in position to make a cross.
  3. I posted on the bug forum with all the info that I had and the only savegame I had access to. It is uploading to the FTP as I type this.
  4. First I get an email on the First of June that tells me: Board Confidence Update For the European Champions Cup, over the period the club are projected to make a profit of 69.18M and are required to make a loss of no more than -5M in order to comply with the regulations. Then A few days later (17th of June): End of Current Champions Cup Financial Fair Play Period Over the period in question the club made a loss of 61.35M having been required to make a loss of no more than 5M in order to comply with the regulations. As a result Wolfsburg will be suspended from the competition for one season. What the hell is going on? Why does the board give me a huge transfer budget and keep giving me periodic updates telling me that I have no problem for FFP? It seems the only solution to this is to write down the profit for each season and calculate it yourself. I can't find a history that tells me each season's profit/loss... isn't that what the board is supposed to do? Now i can record each season moving forward and calculate each 3 year interval. It just is very frustrating to have the board constantly like FFP is fine you are good we are making 50 million or whatever then you take 2nd in the division and can't compete in the champions cup. What am I missing?
  5. Ok I can accept that as I know very little about real world football, but one thing I have been struggling with in particular are the shouts. To paraphrase the princess bride, these things do not mean what I think they mean. Yesterday I was poking around, and I found someone post about "work ball into the box" that all it does is set a flag that reduces the amount of long shots taken. Whereas when I read the description I think "my dudes will carefully pass and be patient waiting for a scoring chance." Is there somewhere (I have been googling and sifting through forums) that I can read what all the shouts ACTUALLY do? Anyway thanks for the quick response. I know that the reason I'm not winning the division is that I just view key plays most games and don't really track the flow/make adjustments, but some of these outlier games are quite frustrating (especially when I reload and lose like 4-5 times in a row). I always revert to after the first loss as I never cheat, but I will have to content myself with being an insufficient coach.
  6. Or are all the events actually determined by tactics within the sim? I have done some save-swapping and I noticed something happening. I will be a title contender team playing against someone in the relegation zone, and I will lose or draw scoring no goals. In real life great teams drop points when they shouldn't all the time, its not a big deal, but it should be a fluke right? So i reload and replay the game a few times (trying same tactics, trying different tactics etc) and I will lose three or four until my team wins. When in reality the chance that the opposition wins should have been 1 in 5. It feels like the game just says "ok lets **** the human and make them lose this match." I'm totally willing to accept that I'm an awful coach, but I was wondering if anyone has heard of the devs talking about some sort of modifier. Like "oh this team is due for an upset lets keep adding a cumulative -1 on action the players make on the pitch." The reason I post this in Tactics/Training is that it has to do with strategic global sim stuff impacting the tactics I have set. If it is in the wrong place I apologize. Is it something so stupid as the newspaper asking me if we can keep the run going and I respond poorly? Maybe everytime I win a few games I tell the newspaper that we can keep the run going so my guys get complacent?
  7. Man this game is complex. I didn't even think about the fact that whenever the F9 gets the ball he will pass back to the AP-A instead of the IFs who are driving toward the space that he vacated. I went back and it appears he has done this a number of times, there would have been a scoring chance if he went for one of the forwards, but instead the AP gets the ball and then everything clogs up in the narrow formation. Its really weird, all of the logic and advice, all the guides everyone is like "make sure your wingers and your fullbacks have complimentary settings (Attack + Support) one each." Then I think about what I'm trying to do... the IFs are exactly that they are Inside Forwards, they aren't wingers. I even call my formation a 4-3-3 instead of a 4-5-1 or 4-1-2-2-1 or whatever. Realistically I only have one wide player and thats the fullback so if I want attacking chances that have anything to do with width (this is why opposing coaches started beating me they analyzed my formation and just clogged the middle) the FBs MUST be on attack or maybe I could set them to be WB(A) or whatever. It also is nuts how badly an opponent can use tactics to turn your otherwise successful formation around. Then again if I knew what I was doing I could change my shouts and likely have more success. Anyway, the team was Everton. They hired me to get them promoted, in the end the last game of the season I needed a win to secure 2nd and a promotion spot. We drew so I got 3rd. Won the first round of the playoff then petered out ignominiously in the final losing a pitiful 1-3. Having failed to earn promotion, I did the gentlemanly thing and resigned. I'm not sure if they would have sacked me or not but I like to imagine that part of the contract included a handshake agreement with the board. "Come be our skipper for 4 years, we just dropped from BPL it should be easy to get back in before the money runs out then go from there." I likely won't be using this tactic for a bit. My next club Wolfsburg, has 2 AMCs with very very high numbers so I will prob be moving into 4-2-3-1 land. Thanks everyone.
  8. Another game without a goal. This game is so frustrating sometimes.
  9. I have run into a stretch of non-scoring games. All of a sudden my chances and even shots have just gone away. I haven't been able to rotate as much as I would like due to the multiple 3month injuries, so I'm wondering if they are getting tired (even tho i am at 100%/100%). It feels like teams are playing possession against me and my guys aren't being aggressive enough to get the ball back. Then whenever I had the ball I was passing for a bit and giving it away. I changed my shouts to Get forward, Higher Tempo, More Direct Passing and scored 3 goals in a second half after not scoring a goal in 315 minutes of football. I wonder how much of this is coincidence or if teams are countering my formation.
  10. Holy cow this is working better now. Here is the updated tactic: Player instructions are only the F9 roam from position. Can you tell when I made the changes? Its pretty obvious.... Injuries are mounting tho for some reason, I'm thinking of hiring another physio. I am getting these results WITH these injuries. Half my club's value is injured but we are getting by. I find that if someone is taking a lot of shots from outside the box I tell them to shoot less and I'm usually rewarded with a goal from someone shortly thereafter. Thanks everyone.
  11. From what i can tell I am 100% wrong about the BBM, there needs to be someone besides the anchorman or a DC as an outlet when under pressure. The 3 advance men are plenty of options for an attack setup pass. The BBM is much much more offensively minded than perhaps I realized and my tactic would be better served by switching him to a CM(s) i think he would get back on defense much better than the BBM so that will help against the break. I'm leery about using the individual instructions because I don't think I have enough experience with the game to recognize how it changes my players' behaviour. I might give it a shot tho... trying to get promoted back into the BPL (everton fired their head coach and hired me because they got demoted to skybet champ) so I need the 3 points not 1.
  12. Its hard to judge, but I have watched the full matches and it seems like they have plenty of room. Maybe I can't recognize what I am seeing. I will keep an eye out for off the ball movement. I Have done some research on the following, and I am curious. One of the stickies has this written under strike partnerships in the F9-F10 section: "In terms of alternative "false ten" players - the Inside Forward on the flanks can attack the space vacated by a forward dropping deep/drifting wide, and cause the dilemma for full back's to choose to follow the player, opening up space wide, or to leave him to the central defenders, where he may gain space before he is even tracked." So I think you may be right that having 2 IFs is not good because they both want to go into the space vacated by the F9. Since i have 2 IFs, I have two "number nines" which are supposed to be my primary goalscoring threats. I think I'll definitely switch one of them to W(S) and put the fullback behind him on attack. My only concern is what I understood of your explanation seems to contradict what is in the sticky post regarding strike partnerships. F9/F10 -> F9(S)/IF(A) respectively If I have F9(s) IF(a) W(s) don't i need a creative player linking to them from the midfield? My experiences with DLP(s) and 3 players playing high up AMR/L+STK is that the DLP tends to bomb the ball with long passes (that I can't allow because my team sucks at headers) or just pass the ball back to defenders. I have read some of those threads (it takes some digging to uncover them sometimes) but they don't really help with my own thought process and creativity. The thread will be like "i have a big strong target man so I can pump balls in the box to him and let him go to town" and people analyze what would be best to support that etc and I'm like well I don't have that available so while the general knowledge is good, it doesn't help me with learning how to analyze what i have to work with. I'm trying to learn how to think about the formation and my tools available, which is why I posted a new topic. It does absolutely! Thank you very much for taking the time to write such a long response. You have raised a few more questions than answers but thats always the goal for a good discussion!.
  13. RBYRVI - Thanks I will try that, according to one of the stickied posts I have 3.5 specialist roles which is more than the recommended 2-3. I guess my issue is that I am creating good chances 6 clear cut and 4 half chances yet all of the shots are off target. Its hard to tell if those chances are rushed, but I feel like I should score more than 1 goal from 6 clear cut chances (or does it not work that way) are these "chances" a technical term defining like you only have the keeper between you and the goal? That would make more sense to me if these were "bad" chances where the guy has 3 defenders barreling down and not enough time to control the ball before striking? Allyc - I have tried staggering the attack, it does not seem to change anything. My reasoning for the frontload is the IFs in my squad have better finishing than long shots in their attributes so I want them being the ones with the scoring chances. One of my IFs (Blackwell) doesn't have as good of finishing so I might try putting him on support and bringing the FB up when he gets the nod for the rotation. Tennisball - When I remove Hassle opponents, i tend to get destroyed in possession and I get a lot less chances. Watching guys miss clear cut chances has pushed me to try and always have possession. Half the goals against me are on the break, Hassle opponents is probably why. The other 40% of goals are off of set pieces. (My team has the lowest "header" rating in the league.) Thats another reason for my formation. I can't create a situation with wingers that pump the ball into the box on crosses because nobody will win headers in the opposing third. I need my F9 to creat space for the IFs and the AP to run into and get a clear strike at the goal. Again I know nothing about football that I haven't learned from watching 20 BPL games in the last 3 weeks and reading websites. grimslaa - Yeah I think thats the general idea. I signed players with high passing in general, I think my passing stat is 1st in the league. All of my dudes' in midfield have the best role as "BBM" so I sort of wanted to include that. I guess it doesn't really matter. I have a creativity 16 CM that I am using as my AP-A I sort of wanted the game to revolve around him. I've tried moving him up to AMC and setting him on eneganche and setting the DM to a CM, but I feel like the DM triangle is much less risky on defense. My other formation replaces the F9 with a CF-S, but I discarded it because the creative AP-A and the CF-S tended to get in each others way "you give me the ball" "no you give me the ball" I also have the mentality set to attacking and I leaked way too many goals so it was abandoned for balanced. Correct me if I'm wrong but the AP-A is an on the ball playmaker same as CF-S? I switched to the F9 cause its an off the ball rabble rouser? I got a ton more scoring chances after switching to balanced with the F9, my dudes just aren't converting. Having the shout "Work ball into box" is a side effect of them not converting a lot of the chances and lots of shots being off target. I figure if they are always off target I should try to get closer. Alot to think about, I will try control-rigid and see if that helps at all. I guess I should have looked at the team before having my performance rely on set piece success when they made the job offer. Going to have to set the entire team focused on headers for training Thanks all. Please if anything I have been saying doesn't make sense or is flat out wrong let me know.
  14. Hi, I just got this game on a whim and since have spent like 300 hours including time researching real world football. Thanks to this game my wife and I actually have been DVRing premier league games and enjoying them quite a bit. Anyway... I have created a few formations and I seem to be not having success with this most recent one. I get games with loads of shots and many chances as you can see below. Is my setup bad or are my players just playing terrible, or are they terrible? I've included a breakdown of a few of my strikers/IFs as well. Maybe I am just missing something critical and these multimillion pound players are not all they are cracked up to be. Any advice or suggestion is appreciated. The Players: http://imgur.com/a/vUiLJ Thanks
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