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  1. Looking for player speaking both spanish and english, as I'm considering moving to spain in near future (in couple years), and I'm studying on my own. And since Fm is quite slow paced game I figured why not practice some spanish if some1 is willing to help fellow FM:er out. You should also know how to speak english, or have quite strong nerves, as I dont speak even close to native yet. Game: FM18 and later FM19 Type of game: Anything online Age: 37 Timezone: EET (+2) When can you play: Almost every day/night some, have quite shifting work schedule, but we can workout something. But if you want to play once a week or 2 weeks, thats fine too. Experience: played since CM2 (thou still feel I dont know anything about creating a working tactics) Steam: Trendar
  2. Hi! Been using possession tactic for a while now and start was great as I won very easily championship and promoted to premier league, and next season finished 3rd and everything went very good. On third and fourth season much less luck, even thou players in almost every position has been greatly enhanced! I dont seem to suffer from teams dropping very deep but pressing hard and causing lots of misplaced passes etc and not getting ball to my forwards almost at all, and almost all my scoring coming from random players rather thank striker/inside forwards. my goal differences show this a little Championship 90 / 23 premierleague s1 56 / 27 premierleague s2 35 / 33 mine base tactical instructions were same as Cleons starting tactic so conrol/highly structured, lower tempo, play out of defence, retain possession, roam from positions, prevent GK distribution, much more pressing. Been experimenting different sort of changes like higher tempo etc but what kinda of changes experts often make? I feel akward putting high tempo when trying to be slow possession team? Lots of my concedings seem to come from through balls and a bit less from crosses.
  3. Press shift+R to 'reload skin' and you can continue playing Edit: was ment to be reply to guy with problems when alt+tabbing during processings
  4. When pressing 'continue' and the calendar starts scrolling I often alt+tab switch to do other stuff on computer and now after update when I switch back the calendar part is still frozen on top and lower screen is blurred but I can press buttons from there and screens change but top calendar stays on screen and rest of the screen in blurred. I can continue playing thou using shortcut shift+r as it reloads the skin
  5. Hi! On second seasons pre-season didnt follow totally through it, but atleast during last 4 games 'tactical familiarity' didnt rise at all on 'marking' and stayed on 33 all the time. Did have match training set to full and 'match tactics' selected. Also have coach set to 'tactics' training with 3,5 stars.
  6. I have usually atleas 1-5 players complaining that there is not enough match preparation training. I have to check more closely about personalities etc as I reduce match training
  7. when ever I change match preparation to 10 or 20 players start to complain, you dont mind that at all?
  8. On tactic screen -> pitch I would like to see players condition/role information.
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