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  1. what about being able to set individual players training by going into their profile and altering their 'training' methods individually? rather than creating loads of training sessions
  2. how about the opportunity to talk with the opposition manager after the game and establish a relationship? u often hear of ferguson and moyes talking for example, wenger and houllier are good friends it would add a more realistic approach to the managers liking or disliking u
  3. agree! also with the switch player roles it keeps what u want for the particular player in the position he's swapped to
  4. the result shows villa winning it when man city won
  5. i would like the big clubs like man u/arsenal/chelsea not to become rubbish in the first couple of seasons and remain quite dominant in the last few fms i've found that the top 3/4 always become pretty poor too quickly i know it's possible that they might slip up, but not in the manour it happens in-game
  6. amazing thread makes me want to start a patch 3 game as soon as it starts!
  7. is it likely the 'slider system' will be overhauled for something more obvious or a graphical interface added to represent how offensive eatch slider notch is? i dont think the tactics>match engine are veery clear personally
  8. ^^why is that funny? hes probably not even good enough for sunderland
  9. why cant i see those image shack pics? even when i click on em
  10. ruddy heck hahahaha si must do this for jocularity
  11. that would alienate alot of fmers whose pcs dont have the power for that detail or ram id like to see an overhaul of teamtalks and press conferences
  12. peter file and wayne kerr are names full of win
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