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  1. Seems to me that the VAR feature in FM19 just buys the match engine more time to do its processing.
  2. I've started to use FM19 this week. It's hugely disappointing that there seems to be no progress towards making the game properly accessible to the significant number of people with Colour Vision Deficiency. The FM19 tactics screens are a good example, the buttons change colour when selected, but it's impossible to see those changes compared with each other, and against the background colour. It's a fundamental part of the game, but no consideration whatsoever has been given to accessibility. Presumably the developers don't really care about this.
  3. Could there be a colourblindness mode, or options to change all the colours? I ask because in the comparison screen, the colours can't be changed, and during matches, the sunlight makes shadows which can make it hard to tell the team's apart. FIFA and UEFA are starting to acknowledge the problems faced by the colourblind.
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