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  1. Thanks Both, really helpful stuff... You see I would have thought that Pass into space would have been useful so just shows where I am going wrong.
  2. Hi I am a beginner to FM and would like some advice on what team instructions people set when playing Direct Football? As much as I seem to have grasped Possession football I am looking at ways to setup a Direct Style when playing bigger teams away from home or European games. I found I was one of those players who selected every TI under the sun and have realised how wrong this has been so tend to limit myself to 5 but I am very open to suggestions on what team instructions people use for Counter Attacking Direct Football. Cheers David
  3. Hi All I am a beginner with FM and have recently started a game with Zenit in Russia. Due to the foreign player restrictions in Russia I am wondering if people could recommend some good Russian Players both First Team and Wonderkid who I can look into signing? Again I am a beginner with FM and it has taken me a long time to get any kind of game going due to inexperience and trying to learn tactics etc... Any suggestions of players to sign would be much appreciated. Cheers David
  4. Cheers for the recommendation. Will go for this one for the extra £50.00. Do you reckon this will play FM16 to a high performance?
  5. £500 and mainly just browsing. Will this laptop be good enough? I have checked against spec and I am really looking for a I5 processor, dedicated Graphics card, 8GB RAM, 2.6Ghz + CPU and 1TB harddrive which this has I think. Wanted some advice on here so I dont waste my money? Would like to run a few nations once I get used to game again.
  6. Hi I am looking for a new laptop which will run FM16 and potentially FM17 upon release to a high standard. Could someone with knowledge of the games performance take a look at the below laptop and advise if its suitable? http://m.ebuyer.com/737835 I have checked game specs and it looks sufficient but I want it to run well. Could someone advise?
  7. Thank you very much for the assistance. I have placed an order for the tablet today and cannot wait to get started on the game!
  8. Hi Could someone give me some advice. I am thinking about buying the below Tablet basically to support FMC15. I know that FMC15 works on the tablet as I have seen the list but I want to know what the quality on this tablet is like? Could anyone with experience of playing the game on this tablet advise? And is there any relevence to yhe fact its called a Lenovo S8-50 as I cannot find anything different and it has been recomended in a previous thread. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00SGW5QTY/ref=aw_wl_ov_dp_1_1?colid=2BADEO6RL999K&coliid=IJS43EKBFZDRN Cheers
  9. I have been trying to download FM 14 HH for my new Kindle Fire HDX 7" tablet from Amazon (the kindle version of the game). When I have gone to download this it states that the game may not be compatible with my device. When speaking to Amazon they confirmed this is the case. Could you please tell me if the game will work on my Kindle and if not why and if you expect this issue to get sorted? Timescales for this would be great as well.
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