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  1. Hi I dont have a save game before the interview with Notts Forest, my game Autosaves every 2 weeks I believe and it took a while for me to find this issue. The only save game I had was after I came back off Holiday (20th July 24). To be honest I was just looking to find out if I go another season with Kaiser Chiefs will the job offer happen? Cheers
  2. Hi Does anyone know if you can find out when a job acceptance which I have accepted at the end of the season will commence? I have accepted a job at with Notts Forest at the end of my South Africa season and as the season ended and began I was still the manager of Kaiser Chiefs...I may have holidayed past the end of the season which may have glitched my game meaning my job acceptance doesn't go through or I have to wait until the end of this season and hope Notts don't get relegated from the Championship as they have no manager! Cheers
  3. Hi Very odd one this one, I am currently managing the Kaiser Chiefs in South Africa and I applied for the job as Notts Forest Manager towards the end of the 23/24 season, after going through the interview process and advising I did not want to take over until the end of the season I was offered the job which I accepted. After my season in South Africa ended I went on holiday until 20th July 24 expecting that once I returned or the game to advise me I was now Notts Forest Manager. This has not happened, I am still the manager of the Kaiser Chiefs although alot of history states I applied for the job, was offered the role, I am now unable to apply again and Notts Forest are without a manager...I have carried the game into August and nothing at all has happened. The odd situation is that it states under my profile I am wanted by Notts Forest. I am wondering did the fact I went on Holiday potentially past the end of season point mess up the move to Notts Forest as I can see that all leagues have been reset ready for the 24/25 season or will my job change go through at the end of this season which is fine as I am more than happy to do another season with the Kaiser Chiefs if required. Can I check anywhere in the game when I am due to start my contract with Notts Forest at all? Any assistance on this would be appreciated as I am completely and utterly confused by this! Cheers
  4. Cheers for the recommendation. Will go for this one for the extra £50.00. Do you reckon this will play FM16 to a high performance?
  5. £500 and mainly just browsing. Will this laptop be good enough? I have checked against spec and I am really looking for a I5 processor, dedicated Graphics card, 8GB RAM, 2.6Ghz + CPU and 1TB harddrive which this has I think. Wanted some advice on here so I dont waste my money? Would like to run a few nations once I get used to game again.
  6. Hi I am looking for a new laptop which will run FM16 and potentially FM17 upon release to a high standard. Could someone with knowledge of the games performance take a look at the below laptop and advise if its suitable? http://m.ebuyer.com/737835 I have checked game specs and it looks sufficient but I want it to run well. Could someone advise?
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