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  1. Well I fixed that problem, and now my only fail is when I want to fix the draw of the Round of 16 like in the real World Cup: 1º Group A vs 2º Group B, etc. If anybody can help me, please, I would appreciate so much Thanks! prueba.fmf
  2. This problem is solved, now I have a new problem below
  3. How I can put the correct realistic draw rules for World Cup 2018 and 2022? Now the second round has random matches, and not like real life: 1º Gruop A vs 2º Gruop B, 2º Group A vs 1º Group B and all of that And also, the countries qualified for World Cup 2018 are not the real countries, I have checked the file and I dont understand why is that wrong Thanks!
  4. Yeah, but the other attribute that I'm searching works without in-game editor, its because of that I'm so interested on it. But I cant find it anywhere Thanks for your help, anyway
  5. Yes I know what you want to say, but I'm searching the attribute "Reccomended Current Ability" because it's one that I can see in all the players without scouting and without having editor in-game. If you know how can I put it on FM17 or one skin that have it and works on FM17 Thanks in advance
  6. Yeah but I'm searching another attribute I adapted the FM16 panel to FM17 but the attribute that I want to use doesnt work. If somebody can see the file and help me player attributes panel.xml
  7. Hi, I want to know if exists any panels for seeing the hidden attributes in the player profile. In FM16 there was some panels but now I cant find it. If anybody has created this panels for FM17, if someone explains to me how to do it, I will create the panels. Thanks and sorry, my English isnt very good
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