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  1. In earlier FMs (FM2015 specifically), my board had the 'Develop youth players' active. How does one get this in FM2020?
  2. Thanks Padders. I will give it a look. Just in case, do you have any earlier saves from the first 50 years?
  3. In addition to the answer above, I think yes you can but it would be noted. I did same. I liked the look of Caledonian Braves from Olivier's post so I tried to get them. After 50-60 reloads, I gave up and downloaded a Scottish structure so that I could play with them.
  4. Yes please. Does response seem slow when moving through the seasons? I will most likely read up ways on how to shrink it further down.
  5. You mind uploading this save file? I would like to manage Tottenham in it.
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