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  1. Craig Beattie (5204719) is in the game as a CB, he is and always has been a striker??? Although it appears he's been playing in the last 2 years as a DC, he defo should be more than a 13/20 striker in game since that is the position he's spent his entire career playing!
  2. Well it is an issue for me. I buy Football Manager to play FM, not click adverts. The option to turn them off should be brought back for those of us who don't want this. Simple as. Edit - For anyone interested, had a reply on twitter. STILL BEING WORKED ON! So hopefully the option will be back soon! *crosses fingers*
  3. I cant even find the option to turn this off/ on now in the settings. Can I get some sort of reply that is somewhere different to 'we are working on it'? Is this intended? Can someone just open up and tell us if this is now intentional?
  4. Defo not. My specs are way above the minimum, my friends specs are way above the minimum. I've watched people streaming online saves (FM18 & 19) who have even higher specs. Same issues, mostly since FM18. The fact @Luke Rumble and the 'team' cannot reproduce this issue just makes me think they are not testing it enough. How many games do you guys play through when testing Luke? Do you go to one match, find no issue, then run off to the next machine? I really don't understand how every network save I watched on twitch last year had issues, every online/ draft save I've tried on FM18 & FM19 has had issues and yet somehow these 'in house' computers don't. Perhaps a different method of testing is required?
  5. I love how this seems to have been moved to a part of the forum that gets very little attention/ response. I'd love any sort of answer about this please.
  6. Now going into the 2020-21 season and accepted my second 'invite' and it's looking like no fixtures have been generated and my U18's are not in a league... Seriously, how can an issue from FM17 return? Have lessons not been learned? If I accept the INVITE, why does my team not JOIN?
  7. I reported this in Beta and got no response. I've been experiencing constant frustration with the match panels since Beta and now into the main game. Issue: Whenever you put match info panels onto the screen, they will move about (in Floating view, they literally float upwards constantly). Floating UNPINNED Images: From floating view. Image 1 when setting it, Image 2 after 2-3 matches. As you can see the box has moved. No input from me, it just floats up. Is this some sort of ironic joke because I'm using the 'Floating' view? Link to original thread in the beta bugs forums. As you can see it had a massive response (lol).
  8. I have no idea if this is just poor match engine or if this is just a shocking decision but... https://gyazo.com/96ef3e0da58210513157749b2b27b797 1) My player clearly wins the ball first. He doesn't appear to 'lunge' or anything, just stands his ground. 2) The players merge weirdly in the match engine. Which I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a representation of my player 'going through' the player or what? I mean it LOOKS like the player runs into mine and merges with him, which is really poor to be honest. Edit - Sped up full clip showing straight red. https://gyazo.com/69d4132f71b2924027a44be759ed7232 Shame Gyazo links cannot be added to 'insert other media' or embedded here properly.
  9. Update: I've now got well into September, defo no fixtures at all.
  10. I cant believe this is happening (Is it FM17 again?). Anyway... Playing as Hemel Hempstead, just beginning season 2. Before the start of season 2 I received a dialogue asking me if I wanted to join the U18's league. I accepted. This happened on the 24th June 2019 I've continued in my save now to the 16th of August 2019. I am playing league games, my U18's are not showing as in any league at any level and have no fixtures outside of my Assistant Manager arranging friendlies. Other info: My youth level is 4. I remember that this is too low for U23s from previous FM's but I thought it was high enough to include a proper U18 team? Either way, why is the dialogue there if this is not the case? Skins/Facepacks/Edited DB: No. Not got around to any of this yet. The only change made was deleting the fake .inc file to allow the German National Team. No db changes via the editor etc. Uploading a save: Named HHFM U18.01.fm - Save is one continue from the point where the league invitation dialogue fires. I DO have an earlier save (about a week or two before) should this be needed, just shout me.
  11. Reported issues last FM and saw in the beta forums someone reporting it again this FM. Response was it was a 'known issue' and 'being worked on'. Clicking advertising boards takes me to websites. I DO NOT WANT THIS! I turned the setting off in Beta and it seemed to have about a 50/50 success rate when I accidentally clicked. Now I cant even find the setting in the options to check its set to OFF now. What exactly is going on with these? Stop telling me its a known issue if you are just implementing this annoying rubbish as a feature please. If this is a 'feature' then its disgusting to be honest. I play FM for FM, not adverts. I don't mind seeing them in game, but I do NOT want hyperlinks taking me places when I'm playing FM!
  12. I'm well versed in the editor, I could easily do it myself to be honest. Just not the point though really. If you don't understand, I'm not going to try and explain. We'll just move on. Thanks for the responses. Edit - Maybe I SHOULD try to explain. Use of the editor is just something that a lot of people (myself included) just don't like doing for a 'normal' save. It's just a preference thing. Having the 3 Liga previously and now finding its deleted while there are more exciting teams (historically speaking) in it than for many years is just a shame for people who want a 'Vanilla' game. Anyway. Thats that. Cheers.
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