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  1. Originally posted over in all other gameplay, as I wasn't sure if it was Scotland specific, but it's been ignored over there. Anyone else able to shed some light on this? It might be Scotland specific, or at least have impact on Scotland/ other UK leagues. I've not tested it elsewhere.
  2. Just in case its hard to spot why this is an issue. Same player a few weeks apart.
  3. Summary: Players playing in Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland are gaining either English nationality or Great British, not Scottish/Welsh/NI. Players in England are gaining English. Description of Issue: Playing as Dundee United I've noticed issues with players gaining nationality in the wrong UK nation. Notably my goalkeeper Benjamin Siegrist, is gaining ENGLISH nationality (he previously played in England and his days towards nationality are now counting up while based in Scotland). He is NOT gaining Scottish nationality. Checking my save, players in England gain 'English' when
  4. I found the thread mainly due to seeing it from Nerds video, Neil. He's a good lad! And it works, I just wish there was some sort of in game option somehow to set a default for this? Using Nerd's way, you have to do it every single time you open FM. Is there a way to do this? #Suggestion (I guess).
  5. This really isn't great for those of us who like to multi task/ stream/ use other programs while running FM.
  6. For me, the brightness is far too much. Can we have options to tone it down or something?
  7. This happened last FM, and it's snuck into the beta for FM21. I'm hoping this is not by design... Summary: In Training > Mentoring, once ordered by a category, said order resets when you remove a player from a group. Description of Issue: Mentoring groups ordered by 'Personality/Influence etc' in training resets order every time you remove a player from a group. Bit of an issue when trying to create your groups initially and want to sort by a certain personality or by who will influence groups more than others, you have to keep reordering every single time. Steps to Reproduce
  8. I had the page file enabled, and still experienced this crash a few times. So virtual memory is not a 100% fix here.
  9. Also experienced this. AMD card (RX470) so I'm smelling an issue there maybe? Not using any skins etc. Edit - It also doesn't create a dump file to upload, so not really sure what more info to give.
  10. Simple little suggestion. I'd quite like an option to tag players as available for my reserves/ youth team etc UNLESS I've put them in my first teams match day squad. - Make available for reserves unless picked in first team match day squad* < something like this. Pros: I don't have to keep setting players available for reserves and then unavailable etc. I don't accidentally have half of my squad playing for the reserves when I planned on them being in the first team (it bugs me that being in the first team match day squad is overridden by them being selected for the
  11. Seriously this 'FM Touch' super 'lite' rubbish that struggles to allow any more than 2 players to connect/ stay connected/ watch a match/ change tactics is a complete mess. Give us back the old draft. Had so much fun playing it before with friends and now we don't even want to touch this thing. Thanks.
  12. Is there any way that these options can in some way be changed? I know they are designed to be 'in the middle' but depending on how many options you get, if you are clicking along, often its easy to find yourself clicking on 'Make Offer' rather than 'Get Analyst Report' or click 'Get Analyst Report' instead of 'Get Scout report' etc. Seen two or three people streaming on twitch doing exactly the same thing as myself, not even realising then getting a scout report come back and going 'oh no that was half my scouting budget' (low level teams etc). Can we not have an option to standardi
  13. It pretty much happened as I said, not sure what extra I could add. He literally refused to tutor one lad, signed a player shortly after and he refused again, clicked on 'who would you be happy to tutor' and bam, it was my first choice he was choosing. Damnit Wayne Rep MAYBE, but Rooneys rep had crashed (not even 1 star, greyed out stars only) and he was on £800pw in 2020-21 at my Solihull team I'd dragged into League 2. He'd played for Everton in 2017-18 (a grand total of 10 times) and then not played since. Been free for over a year. I cant check my rep now, since this is my unemp
  14. I've been having weird stuff happen with my tutoring in FM18. Brought in Wayne Rooney (dont laugh at me, I'm Solihull Moors), and asked him to tutor one of my strikers. He told me to sod off. Fair enough I thought, I'll leave it be. Signed a young midfielder who had a similar personality to Rooney shortly after and thought 'perfect'. Asked Rooney to tutor him, he told me to get lost again... About to throw my monitor when I clicked the 'Is there anyone else you'd prefer to tutor' button and lo and behold... He said 'yeah how about that striker you wanted me to tutor a month ago and I told
  15. Not sure if there is a specific date that kicks in (I think it can be any time after 2018) but you will get messages in your inbox regarding it. I received 2 pre-Brexit messages warning me it was close in 2018, the second message even hinted I was getting the 'points Brexit', and then nothing and now in 2020 and it still has not happened. Best way to check what rules you have if you have is to go to Competitions > Click your League to view the table > Overview > Rules > Work Permit Rules Best way to check if your nation is STILL in the EU: Click on nation flag > On th
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