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  1. any update on the likely arrival of this no doubt masterpiece?
  2. My favourite skin every year. Wont touch FM20 til this is released.
  3. this needs a config file or they wont work
  4. They download but then they wont extract.
  5. I'm using the skin and all my kits are working perfectly.
  6. Yes, I believe it is. I'm trying to resize the logo so that its the same size as the last version but i'm struggling. I managed to position it bottom right on the screen as well last time but again i'm struggling. I changed it in the client object browser last time but the logo isn't in there now.
  7. Sorry, I meant its bigger in the latest version.
  8. On the original version, I managed to moved the background logo from centre screen to bottom right by changing a line in the client object browser. I can't find this line in the new version. Any idea how I can do this. Also, the smallest logo is a lot bigger in the first version. Anyway to resize this also. Thanks for your help and this amazing skin.
  9. Yes I did it already. Thank you anyway mate!
  10. I've done the kits bigger but I can't remember the line. When I get home from work, I will go on my PC and let you know which figure to change. It works perfectly.
  11. Great stuff. Excellent work. much appreciated!
  12. A manual download would be fantastic and much appreciated.
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