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  1. Finally given up. There are two Carabao Cup files. One Normal & one 2019. Copied everything from the Normal to the 2019 so they are exactly the same and when i test the rules its says something along the lines of the number of teams in Sky Bet Championship (24) doesn't match real fixtures (4). Decision time. a) play new season with all divisions correct and miss the carabao cup, or, b) back to Fm19 once ive updated the leagues and their teams. Got to say Fm19 looks the favourite.
  2. Can someone point me in the direction of the advanced rules for the carabao cup. I have rejigged the leagues to mirror next season but the carabao cup is unplayable in season 1. I believe this is because the league has now been set up for 91 teams in year 1 due to Bury's demise. Trying to rest it to 92. Many thanks
  3. I hope you have managed to get around the carabao cup issue?
  4. I don't know because I have'nt played a season. The Carabao Cup is present in the game but it does'nt start.
  5. Just moved teams around. Promoted the teams who have been promoted and guessed promotions from play offs. Then promoted two from national league to make the 92 and so on and so on, then slotted Bury in way down the leagues.
  6. I thought I would rejig things in the English leagues to get all the divisions upto their correct number of teams following Bury's demise. I have managed to get 24 teams back in League 1 and all other leagues correct. However, as a result, the Carabao Cup doesn't take place. Any ideas anyone?
  7. I would really like to use this too if it was available!
  8. Only problem is that nobody has done one which takes into account the Bury situation and returns L1 to its correct number of teams.
  9. In the past it has been possible to change the model of a team's stadium for instance, 4 separate stands, a bowl, arena etc. Is it possible this year. For instance, in the game this year, Stadium MK (MK Dons) has four separate stands when in reality it is a bowl stadium. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Locate the 'sidebar menu table' in your skin. panels/generic/sidebar menu table right click on the 'sidebar menu table' and select 'edit' Copy the text below and insert it at the bottom of the panel between container & panel clear your cache in the game and the logo should appear <!-- Primary Logo --> <widget class="picture" id="lgtF" scale_picture="true" keep_aspect_ratio="true" image_alignment="bottom"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="bottom" inset="50"/> <attachment class="test_setting_attachment" get_setting="show_badges" default_value="true" set_property="hidn"> <boolean id="value" value="false"/> </attachment> <!-- tells the picture to listen to the 'main picture' global property being set, and set its own file property from it --> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="mnpc" /> <integer id="set_property" value="file" /> </record> </widget>
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