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  1. I haven't been able to play my SAVE since 14.2.0 - this patch has resolved the issue. So it is the best patch ever. #Context
  2. Hi Neil, Any rough timeframes for the next patch, and if it will include a fix?
  3. HI Neil, Looks like you've been busy on here! Guessing the resolution to my issue is the same with all the others, in development at the moment and needs testing before a fix is released - with no concrete date set for a fix?
  4. okay, my daughter closed my laptop as I had walked away from it, so the upload failed. I've tried to reload it is as "New Lpool 4.fm"
  5. I've just uploaded the save to the FTP anyway. It's called New "Lpool 2.fm" Cheers.
  6. Hi, I've spent all day trying different things to get past one day on the game. Crash dumps, lots of them. ( i've got 6 or 7 examples if you want any of them!?) . I tried to resolve the issue by first i've uninstalling McAffee , then I reset cache and ensured I wasn't on GPU assisted etc. I've saved the game at multiple times and managed to get past the dreaded 1st of February 2016 18:45 and saved it on another save. I loaded the previous save, tried torecall some loan players , proceeded; crash dump. Loaded it again, without recalling, no problems; February 2nd - end of window. I've tried to recall direct from the player profile and also on bulk by selecting all three in the "loans" section of the transfer centre; neither work. I have three players to recall - two that i've only just loaned out and just realised they're ineligible to play for a 3rd club in a season - WHY are clubs still interested in them? I can upload the save at 22:45 on the 1st of Feb. All it needs is three players recalled from loan then proceeding! Sterling, McNulty, and a 18Yo Argentinian regen - RWer, can't remember his name!
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