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  1. smp did a san marino youth thread where he managed to upgrade youth recruitment several times iirc?
  2. this seems as good a place to ask as any.. are JPA and JPP important for a HOYD do you think? or are they much less significant than personality, determination, adaptability?
  3. there would also be a huge amount of pressure from the player to move in those circumstances, that the game doesn't perfectly replicate
  4. did you have any issues with your youth intake in your first season using the database? I got to March and didn't get an intake. I'm now mid-April and still no youth intake for the whole of Italy.
  5. @darren1983 which hairpack are you using? Actually looks good!
  6. Hi guys, has anyone got the regen hairpacks to work yet?
  7. no no, more of a comment on how good they are - well done!
  8. without accusing you, did you edit the youth level up a little bit before the start of the game? the quality of your regens is just ridiculous compared to the other equivalents doing this challenge.
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