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  1. Love the skin. Is there a way to make the 'attribute analysis' bigger in the 'Attributes" screen?
  2. There are really great skins out there, but none for the touch mode. Am I the only one who plays it?
  3. Is it possible to use tactics from FM15? I get 'the file cannot be imported'
  4. I'm interested, why there is no FM in Germany?
  5. As I recall, in previous FM's, when I wish to recall player from loan, I'd go to transfer screen and then click recall. However, in the following screen you can see that there is no such button (and the player can be recall) What should I do? Please, help David come back home.
  6. I wanted to reduce the total team wage. but again, Koke is just an example for a player ask me for a lot and settle for crumbs. you should read Ryknow's respond not negotiate may be easy with a rich team. but when playing a small team with limited budget, well that is a different world. couldn't agree more. happens to me everytime.
  7. 1. more tutoring options: 1.1 let say you have a player with high crossing. you can ask him to tutor a teammate (not just youngsters) and to work on crossing. 1.2 same thing with PPM. when you're teaching a player PPM, you can ask another player who already familiar with the same PPM to tutor him. 1.3 tutoring history: how many times i asked X to tutor Y again and again. the problem is that i can't remember if it had a bad effect on a positive. 2. transfers and contracts: are the biggest drawback of FM. you can check my thread at http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/360220-players-wage-demands-irrational. basically, the players/teams ask you for more money/wage than from the computer. or a 17 years old thinks i'm a oil tycoon and ask me for £15k a week. 3. bigger fonts, especially the attributes. 3.1 the player screen should be more like windows where you can drag and change the size of all the information window there
  8. Alex Crawford- thanks for finding the time for posting on my thread. the problem as you mentioned doesn't happen only in contract, but in transfers as well. i hope you guys fix it in FM14. Cougar2010-I thinks you misunderstood me. If I had offered £20k, still the agent would ask for 64k. (i have a save few days earlier. i can check)
  9. there is a big different between Koke and Neymar. Neymar is one of the promises youngsters in football today. and of course he would move to the club who offers him the best contract. and as far as i know, barcelona had a first option. Speaking of Neymar, i offered him the best contract i can, around 200k p/w and he signed in barcelona for 130k. but that's not the issue. you said that my first offer was high,and the agent just asked for more. i can assure you, that if i had offered him only 20k, he would ask for more. (and my bonuses offer was much higher). he may have doubled his wage, but i still offered him a lot more. you can talk about loyalty, boyhood club, but take a look at the Motta example i gave at the end of my message and tell me what do you think now. his teammates wage may be an issue but is not suppose to be. the player shouldn't look how much his teammates get, but how big raise i offered him. let say i have 4 midfielders in my first 11 and i want to buy a youngster to be my 4th midfielder, or even my my 6th. in this case, i need to pay my new player a lot, while i want him to be young and cheap. Sometimes, you just want to buy a cheap player. but in FM it's hard because each players thinks he's Ronaldo ( or at least Etoo). that's why i gave the Independiente example. only 2 players are getting more than 10k a week. one is leaving under bosman rule, while the other wants to leave. it doesn't stops all the other players from asking more than those two the problem guys, is that you're focusing at Koke as individual and not at the problem, and i can give you an endless examples: Tiago Motta left is club under Bosman rule. he asked me for 40K a week. i offered him 30k. he finally signed in Parma for 12k a week (and much less bonuses).
  10. I'm posting this thread and i'm really angry. i think transfers and contracts are the biggest drawback of FM since ever. so what am i talking about? the players's wage demands (mine and those i want to buy) are irrational and much much higher than the contract they already have. let's take a look at the first example. i"m playing with Liverpool and i just won the champions league. I don't think i need to talk about Liverpool's reputation and why a lot of players will be please to join Liverpool. In the following pictures, i'm trying to sign Koke from Atletico Madrid. in the first picture you can see my first offer to the player. than, you can see his demand. pay attention that he's wage at Atletico is only 11,000 a week. finally, i decided to offer him only 40,000 plus all the bonuses he wants. he rejected. in the last picture you can see he signed a new contract - only 28,000 a week. as you can see, the player asks for a lot more than he get paid today, and eventually sign for much less. this happens to me all the time. if you are not a rich team, you're having a problem singing players. and even if you can afford it, it's just frustrating. my second example. i'm playing with Independiente (Argentina) and in my second season, 17! players out of 28 in my first team squad finish their contract and the end of the season. my current wage is at maximum of 115,000 p/w ( and this is after i adjust the budget). i checked and if i'll pay them want they want, my team wage would be around 180,000 p/w. i just can't afford it. and again, the players have a huge wage demand. and i promise you- if my players leave, they won't get contracts like the ask me.
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