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  1. I wish a few things to be added on player's personal instruction: 1. fine tune players mentallity. ex) Be more offensive/Be more defensive 2. adjust players freedom. ex) Be more expressive / Be less expressive.
  2. 1. During match, when opponent makes a substitution, it would be great if a pop-up feedback appears on the corner so that we can quickly apply opponent settings instantly. (Just like tactics feedback from the assistant manager.) 2. I like to see more long-shots working in future versions. it is so rare to see good long shots lead to goals. (Maybe 1~3 times per season?) 3. Too many crossings (including corners) are heading towards goal, often resulting woodworks or unintended longshots. This have been happening since 14.2 a lot. 4. When heading the ball during attacking corners, too many headings are missed sideways, especially since 14.2... Sometimes it is even rediculous that my defenders seem to be clearing the ball instead of trying to make goals..... I see my defenders making goals during corners with feet more than headings.
  3. Personal concerns and future wishes about the match engine. I don't usually post threads, but I've created forum account just to write this. I've been a sincere fan of the franchise since CM2002; played every series and I do have a great love for the game. So please note that these feedbacks are out of my deep concerns and considerations. It has been a long time since I've been excited from an decent offensive move: The closest I can think of would be FM2012, when lots of creative and fair movements were shown on the pitch. And I do not mean killer balls on every passes and dribbling through 3~4 players every time. I really think it is lacking varieties of attacking movements on the pitch where we would see from sports highlights of the weeks. The original FM2014 had some, but many of then felt "artificial." As a spectator's view, many of attacking chances and goals felt generated(or "forced) by the match engine itself, not by teamwork and creative movements by the players. I feel it became worse in 14.2, where many of goals are not from "natural"plays which you would expect from your players, but out of opponents weird movements and glitch-like mistakes from defenders and GKs. Only exceptions would be when the opponent is much tougher than you and they play higher defensive line where you can exploit their speace. But that is about it. Since FM2012~13, I've been really thinking longshots are wasteful and unconvincing, and in 14.2, I am shocked how some of the crosses get into the goals or hit crossbars "unintentionally". It is welcoming to see unexpected chances, but it happens so often that almost all keepers seem vulnerable to airballs but are exceptionally capable of blocking shots. Same can be said to freekicks: I feel "freekick chances" are all dissapeared. Since 14.2, I cant really hope to see real football like movements and plays on the pitch. Sometimes the defenders and GKs seem to be "forced" to make mistakes. Many of times I can't stop feeling "invisible hand" is controlling the game, not either of the oppositions. Of course in real life you get to feel the same way but in almost evey game? I don't think so. Funny first touch mistakes are very frustraing, even for the players that have First Touch attribute 17+. Since 14.2, many of players seems incapable of controlling the ball, where that is DFs, GKs, MFs, FWs... I feel like almost all players on the pitch forgot how to control the ball. Well I have not played teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid where they have players like Messi and C.Ronaldo, but surely they are not the only ones who knows how to control the ball? Because of all these reasons, I am often forced to play certain styles that would exploit & avoid such "chances" generated by the match engine. Even among NPC managers, I feel almost no differences among their styles because no matter how the players play the game, most of goal chances and scores happens in same way. In future patches, I hope to see improvements on varieties of attacking movements, lots of options to exploit on, and no more glitch-like ball controls please! Thank you.
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