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  1. It would help everyone's nerves if they scored an own goal in 5 minutes! * Last Wednesday inspired me to start a new game with Spurs. At the end of the first season I'm losing Dembele, can't shift N'Koudou, big clubs are chasing Eriksen and I have a wantaway Belgian centreback... but it's Vertonghen in this world, not Alderweireld. He asked for a better contract around Christmas and I tried to defer until the end of the season. When he took umbrage to that and stayed unhappy for months I eventually offered him a new deal in March/April time. He signed without issue, but literally days later I got a note saying that he was homesick and wanted to leave. I couldn't do anything to calm him and now he's on the transfer list at his own request on a freshly signed contract that doubled his wages and his value - and now none of the clubs chasing him over the January window will come near him We otherwise had a season of nearly - 2nd in the league by a point to Liverpool, with late-season defeats to Wolves and Chelsea costing us dear, we also lost out in the CL semi-final to Barcelona on away goals and lost 3-1 in the FA Cup final to ManU, with Lloris letting in 3 of their 4 shots on goal. It was that kind of season. Kane, Trippier and Lloris topped their player categories in the CL, at least. Dembele's off on a free to PSG, Wanyama's joining him for £24 million, Janssen's off to Newcastle for £12 million, Onomah's going for £8 million to Brighton with a decent buy-back clause and Vorm's going... somewhere when his deal runs out. Maybe Valencia? Llorente moved to Dinamo Moscow in January for pennies, which gave me space to bring in Wilmar Barrios for about £8 million (but after 15 appearances in 4 months he was unhappy about a lack of appearances...). Over the summer we're bringing in Sessegnon (£30 million + incentives, I suspect I've overpaid but what the heck) and Jan Fiette Arp for about £12 million. We've also lined up Kieran Tierney for ~ £15 million for next summer, as Davies and Rose are settled, and I wanted him tied down now before someone else nabbed him. Otherwise, we've done well with Skipp and Walker-Peters playing this season, and will give chances to Edwards, Sterling, Carter-Vickers and Oakley-Boothe as they all have a year left on their deals
  2. 1. I was playing on battery power earlier and my laptop died between the end of the match and the weekly autosave. When I reloaded and replayed the game my result actually improved (0-1 win to 0-3 win) so no harm done, but it did make me think that having an additional option to save after matches as well as weekly etc. would be useful - perhaps reverting to weekly during international breaks etc. when there are no matches. 2. Earlier today I clicked continue only for the game to immediately drop me back into my inbox with a new e-mail timestamped exactly the same as the one I'd hit continue after reading. During long spells without matches it would be nice to skip ahead several days rather than have to sit there and click 'continue' several times a day. I know that I can go on holiday but bitter experience has taught me that as soon as I do that, my phone in-game is switched off, e-mails are set to out-of-office and my character goes somewhere that even the faxes don't work - I'm out of touch until I come back, which will doubtless coincide with a key player wanting to speak to me and going off in a huff because I can't be reached, and my PA can't ask them to wait until I'm back. So it would be nice to have a configurable option here, allowing me to return if something important happens - a player seeking a meeting, a player on my shortlist is bid for, etc.
  3. No youth team squad option? I've never come across that - is that the case for Portsmouth in real life, reflecting their financial issues?
  4. In previous games, at least, you get invited to take part before the second season starts. In the meantime, I recommend having your U23s playing a friendly every week in place of the U23 league.
  5. In the versions of FM up to FM18, going on holiday mid-season (over an international break, for example) always seemed to trigger unhappy players wanting to talk to you and being unable/unwilling to wait until you were back from leave. Is this still the case in FM19, or is there an option to defer talks until your return/break your leave to have the discussion? This has been my single biggest bugbear with the game in recent years - Having to click advance several times to get safely between matches rather than a sensible multi-advance to let you skip to the next match or whaever, and I'm interested in if it's been addressed as I first suggested it a couple of years back at least.
  6. I could put this into the bugs forum, but it's been in the game for years now so I assume it's not a 'bug'... My Spurs team just played Chelsea for the second time in the season. Apparently 'I' (my assistant) said something controversial during an earlier press conference that got Conte's back up. The press then focused on that before the second match, and Conte's now got a 'Fairly Poor' relationship with me as apparently I 'lack class'. My assistant covers the press conferences because it's a hassle I can do without, but I'm getting the negative feedback from it - not because I'm ducking my responsibilities (that would be fair enough) but because the game still apparently believes it's me answering the questions. So I can now look forward to questions about 'our' rivalry from now until the end of time, when literally the only thing I've ever said to the press, in response to a direct question about this whole farrago, was that the press were blowing it all out of proportion. Handling the media is a part of football management. I don't like having it in the game so I offload it onto the assistant and appreciate the option. That's my choice, but the consequences are in no way related to my actions, and this has been the case for several versions now.
  7. Thanks, I'll give that a go and see if I can get anything back.
  8. FM/CM has always thrown players in at the deep end. I doubt that will change - you learn by playing, and even with 21+ years under my belt playing every iteration going back to 94/95, I still have matches going against me for reasons unfathomable. The game is incredibly, incredibly deep. It simulates the performances of thousands upon thousands of individuals in infinitely different environments. Take the 22 players, add your opposite number, the weather, the pitch, the referee, morale, form, injuries, confidence and then season with whatever you're doing on the touchline - and then repeat 40-50 times a season. As manager it's your job to find your best team for every match, however that's determined, and then manage their performances. It's not easy, nor is it meant to be - it's a challenging game that gets more so (and more frustrating) with every season. In those 21 years, I'd say I've been able to 'beat' the game without help maybe half the time; The rest of the time I'm here on the forums, trying to work out why my carefully crafted tactics aren't getting the best out of my players (or just downloading pre-made ones that suit my players). Usually, it's because I'm overlooking something - and with each season, there's more to overlook. You have a wealth of stats available to you: Player ratings, % chance creation (left wing, right wing, middle) and so on - Dozens of ways of finding out where your team is underperforming and why. Maybe your defenders aren't communicating enough, maybe they're ignoring your touchline instructions, maybe your right back is just awful at defending. Could be anything. You might want to try watching a couple of matches in real time (yuck) or similar if you don't already do so. It makes it much easier to work out where your team is falling down, but bear in mind that just one match won't be a definitive sample. Any team can have one bad match, but if you watch 2, 3, 4 matches and start to see patterns emerging, you can develop an idea of where your team is struggling. It's a frustrating game, and bugs exist, but if you're having the same mid-season collapse year in, year out, then it may be that - like Arsene Wenger and Arsenal in real life - there are issues with your approach that need addressing, rather than the game being broken.
  9. I suspect that the answer is no, but are there any remote backups kept of save games? I've just come back to FM after a few weeks' break where I had a lot of laptop trouble. I was hoping to resume my game (Hearts, PL/Scottish Cup/Betfred Cup/Europa winners), but to my horror all the save games have been deleted. I have a backup saved on a USB stick, but it's a couple of seasons old, and I don't want to play through all that again. I suspect that I accidentally deleted the files when I was cleaning out some old, memory clogging files... but I left one FM16 save game. I'm surprised I wiped all of the ones from 17. Still, can't be helped. Just in case, then, is there any super-hidden backup that might let me get back to my quadruple winners?
  10. A few suggestions, rather than separate topics: 1. Booking response: When a player gets booked during a match, have there be an automatic setting within the team/player instructions that they should ease off on tackles. That would reduce the number of red cards - for example when I had two players double yellowed during a match against Rangers before I could get to their individual tactical settings. Possibly also have this be something that flashes up from the Assistant Manager - "Harry Lennon has been booked/Harry Lennon is on the verge of getting sent off", and clicking on it would take you straight to their player instructions (but I've long since fallen into the habit of ignoring my assistant during matches, so for me at least the automatic option would be welcome). 2. Search filter expansion: While it's useful to have the option of searching by a range of attributes (7 of 10 selected, say) I'd like also to have the option of saying Must Haves (for example, stamina, pace, acceleration) where a player has to tick all the boxes, and then Nice To Haves where a player would then have to meet 7/10 of the selected, or whatever. That way I don't have to regretfully discard the wonderfully skilled-but-immobile forward as I'd know he met all the minimum requirements before even clicking on his profile. In addition, it'd be nice to have an OR option on attribute searches. This would probably be more complicated, but possibly it could work as an expansion of the above. Say you were playing as Man United in 1999 and wanted to bolster your midfield; You could set your minimum MC requirements for pace, stamina, team work and so on, and then have additional filters for Roy Keane-type players OR Paul Scholes-type players so you could have both types in a single list, but filtering out any players who meet the minimum requirements but couldn't be counted on to play in that midfield. 3. Schedule combination: When scheduling reserve friendlies to bolster fringe players' fitness, I realised it'd be useful if I could filter the schedule to include the first team/youth team/reserve fixtures all in one place. Getting the fringe players match fit, only for them to be unavailable for the first team due to fixture clashes, is a bit redundant! I feel like I'm missing something here, though, as I'm sure this used to be possible, and I'm just not able to find the option to add it back in. 4. Reserve availability: At present, you can make a player available for the reserves/youth team until match fit, or indefinitely. It would be useful to have the option of specifying a period of time, and/or number of matches in addition to this. If a player's suspended from the first team, making them available for the next reserve match keeps up their match fitness - but that's not an option at present; You have to remember to recall them or they stay there indefinitely.
  11. Never mind, the board just approached me to offer more money for coaches. What a game...
  12. I'm playing as Hearts in the SPL at the end of season 2, having just won the SPL and am looking to improve the way the club operates. Sadly, the board is blocking me from recruiting a decent number of coaches. We're 30k p/w under our wage budget (not sure if this includes staff wages?) but even so I'm only allowed to have 6 coaches - 1 fitness, 1 GK, my assistant, the head of youth development and 2 general coaches. In an ideal world, I'd have at least 2 fitness, 2 GK and 3-4 general coaches plus myself and my assistant to properly cover all the bases. I've convinced the board to improve the club's training facilities, and I suspect they'll block any further requests until that's complete, but until it is I'm going to have a sub-par coaching team, even with me having taken the maximum points for my own talents. Is there any way to convince the board to come around to my way of thinking, or am I going to have to wait until September (training facilities completion) to talk them into it?
  13. Franky, just want to say thanks to you again for this. Wanting something different this year, I opted for a game in Scotland with Hearts, where I'd mainly be playing for 3rd place. Using Total Domination for much of the first season, my results picked up as the players' familiarity with it grew, and we ended up in 3rd after just barely making the Champions Group. In our second season I swapped to Phantom, with TD in reserve. Although we missed out in qualifying for the Europa League and had a shaky start in the league, we were 3rd after 7 matches, a position we held until the 3rd to last match of the season. Knocking off Rangers, 3-0, we moved up to 2nd. In the following match, we took out Hamilton to go top as Celtic mauled Rangers, 6-0. The final day of the season dawned with us 2 points ahead of Rangers and 3 of Celtic - we needed to win to guarantee the title, and while I was kept waiting for a little while, our 22 goal star striker Eamonn Brophy popped up just before half-time to give us the lead. 2 more goals followed in the second half, with our stand-in DM bagging his only domestic goal of his Hearts career to send the fans into ecstasy. The unfancied Heart of Midlothian are the champions of Scotland! A couple of notes: We had a shaky spell mid-season, losing 5 in 9 in the league. However, after that we rallied and won 14 in a row in the league, and 17 in 18 overall. Only a galling 3-1 loss to Celtic in the cup spoiled our fun, else we'd be looking at a double. As it's Scotland, and our coaches are fairly shabby, injuries are a problem; We lost our CM pair to injury for a combined 3 months, meaning they scarcely played together in the second half of the season. Various others got knocks - our star left winger and striker were out for a combined 3 months, for example. In spite of that, we kept on producing results. We had the meanest defence (26 in 38 games) and the second best attack only to Celtic, who could field Berahino, Sinclair and Januzaj as their front three. I'd spent a lot of time identifying really good defenders, especially as Hearts' starting set mainly left for bigger clubs in or after the first season. Still, it wasn't just good players - we only conceded 3 goals in the 14 straight wins. So, having expected a low pressure career at Hearts, I now find myself set for the Champions League. Not what I was expecting, but neverthless, thanks, Franky!
  14. Players could also be aware, through their agents, of what a 'typical' wage for a player of their reputation and talent will be, and would expect parity. And, let's not forget, sometimes people are just greedy: Ashley Cole nearly drove his car off the road over a matter of 5k a week, which is both pertinent to this conversation and a story I like to remember occasionally for a chuckle. While he'd been promised 65k, from memory, the official offer was 60k and he felt that was an unreasonable change. If a player has something like that in their background (for example, you're negotiating from a position of "What will it take to get you to stay at the club?") then they may well feel that all the power is with them, and your choices are start high, or risk letting them walk. Ultimately, your team is likely better off without a player like that - team harmony should trump almost everything, and I confess to a real (sadistic) warmth when a player rebels over an issue like this... and the rest of the team side with me
  15. Franky, been meaning to ask this for a while now - Is there an easy way of telling (or pre-setting) players to ease off tackles once they're on yellow cards? Right now I have to go to Tactics > Player > Find the right player > Edit > Ease off tackles. I feel like I'm missing something...
  16. I didn't have a picture to hand, so used a Keira Knightley headshot instead. Adds another dimension to the game - my first interview I was asked about sexism in football
  17. I'm playing as Hearts in the SPL. I'm in the summer 2017 transfer window and am trying to sign Stuart Armstrong from Celtic. The transfer fee (800k) and wages (6k p/w) are well within my budget, but the board won't allow me to offer a contract beyond the end of the coming season, and he's insisting on a minimum 2 year deal. I have an agreement in place with Celtic that they'll cover 2k p/w of his wages, so I'm wondering if that's affecting things, as his Celtic deal expires in May 2018.
  18. It downloaded for me on Chrome, but not on Firefox. Try the alternative link Ross Ingersoll posted above ^. Franky, I liked Total Domination and will give this a go on my new season too. Looking forward to seeing how it works out!
  19. Thanks for the quick response. I had read the post, but clearly missed the part about the striker. My bad, and I'll make the switch to see how that changes things! As for the yellow cards... They're spread around the team. I can't tell everyone to ease off once the yellows start coming, but I wondered how fundamental Get Stuck In as an instruction was to the way the team plays. Of the two red cards, one was a straight red so no warning there. I accept an occasional red as part of the game, but the yellows seem high. It could just be that, at Hearts, the calibre of player available isn't as high so they'll get clumsy yellows a lot!
  20. Have you tried experimenting with different striker roles on this tactic? Playing as Hearts in the SPL, I have a Poacher and two perfect Target Men to choose from, with them also having decent stats for Defensive Forward, False Nine and pretty much every other role... except Complete Forward. I have no hope of getting anyone in who could be described as anything like a Complete Forward either. Scotland is not a land of diverse forwards, it seems! That being said, the strikers don't seem to play poorly, but they don't get goals. That said, it seems to be working fairly well for me, as I've been getting wins and draws in most matches since adopting it. Celtic ploughed through us, 3-0, but that's hardly unexpected. It wasn't helped by our Advanced Playmaker being a Celtic loanee, so banned from playing in that match. In 9 competitive and 4 friendly matches, we've 9 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats (the other loss being a 4-1 hammering by Rochdale in a friendly, but that was a weakened team so may not be indicative). We've only used the formation for about a 1/3 of the season so far, but we're leading the table for yellow cards (54 in 25). Our 7 league matches using the tactic have seen us pick up 18 yellows and 2 reds, so I think we'll 'win' the poor discipline title. It's not a major concern, but suspensions may start to bite later in the season. Certain positions lack the strength in depth to be as effective I'm pleased with how the tactic has performed so far, but it'd be nice if I could make more of my strikers' strengths. Tweaking the instructions myself doesn't seem to yield any joy, sadly.
  21. Hey FuSS, I'm going to give this a go with Hearts in the SPL. We don't have a complete striker, or anyone who can play anything like that. I'll try it with a Target Man instead and see what effect that has on performance.
  22. In 2022 I have the chance to sign 33 year old Gareth Bale, who's still so far beyond anyone else in my team I'm happy to break the bank to get him. Real accepted my offer, and I came to the contract screen... ...and realised belatedly that the option to have Real contribute to his wages is one of the clauses in the transfer section. I offered Bale everything I could; Adjusted by transfer:wage ratio, maxed out his appearance/goals/sub bonuses, everything, but still came up way short and his agent walked on me. I went back to Real and got a deal going where they pay 2/3 of his wages and we pay 6m or so for him. With that setup, we can cover the rest of his wages for the season. Problem is, Bale now won't enter negotiations with me. I understand why - we seemed to mess him around first time around, but that issue has now been resolved. If he won't at least listen to the offer we can put in front of him, I have no way of reviving this deal. The fault is mine, I accept, for entering negotiations without covering the wages issue up front, but I can't recall a time I've ever had to use that clause before, so it had completely bypassed me that it was in the bid section, and not something I could add in during negotiations. In the past, when I've been trying to sell players to clubs who can't afford their wages, they've never approached me and say "Yes, we'll buy this guy but you pay half his wages". It's always previously been the player saying "I've agreed a deal and will leave, if you make up the difference in my wages". So, this is something I'd like to see tweaked in future games, either by allowing a 'last-ditch' offer to be made after an initial round of talks has broken down, or by allowing clubs to negotiate transfer fees, wage contributions etc. alongside the player negotiations. The latter would be realistic given that, in today's transfer market, players routinely agree deals before or during the negotiations with clubs anyway.
  23. Bumping and quoting this. I'm at Stevenage, and in 7 seasons have taken them from League 2 to the PL, won League 2, League 1 and the Championship, won the League Cup, qualified for the Champions League, reached 2 other League Cup finals and the Europa League final. In real life, I'd be regarded as a modern-day Brian Clough - untouchable for the incredible breadth and depth of achievements at a club where I couldn't spend money until season 4. In the game, I'm at the mercy of some no-name suit who's told me that "the intention was always to replace me as manager". I can't plan for next season, because I can't bring in players, because my position is under threat. The takeover took weeks to complete, the sword of Damocles is hanging over me, and all the decent released youth players are being snatched up, harming my ability to build for the future. It may happen in real life, but so do doping, bungs, bribes, corrupt officials and chairmen using the manager as a puppet (at Real Madrid most obviously, but other clubs too) and none of them are in the game. FM is a simulation, but there still has to be a degree of enjoyment about it, and introducing a feature that isn't fun, is arbitrary, has little or no relevance to the real world and simply would never happen in real life... No, it's a nonsense. It's the equivalent of an end-game (or mid-game!) boss who can't be killed because the developers decided so, but you can't win unless you kill them. I'm inclined to use the editor to become unsackable. If that's what it takes, that's what it takes. *That's* making the game more realistic - Rupert Murdoch wouldn't have sacked Alex Ferguson, the horse breeders didn't sack him, the Glazers didn't sack him; Why should Abdulla Al-Humaidi be able to sack me?
  24. 4-3 to Aston Villa. Not a terrible result? We went 3-0 up after 52 minutes and killed them, then they scored 4 in 25 minutes as we completely collapsed. And I really can't stand Villa anyway...
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