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  1. At their very best with this tactic/these tactics you'd expect the PF to get maybe 1 in 2 - I've played as Spurs for several seasons with Kane, Parrott and Haaland, and that's about the best I've got. It's the wingers who really get the goals in this tactic; Jarrod Bowen in my last season using 1.0.0 scored about 24 despite rotating heavily with Kingsley Coman. If I'd paid a little more attention I'd have played Bowen more and he'd have probably scored more, but I wasn't short of goals even with Coman misfiring.
  2. Another season update from my Spurs game, now in May 2027. Simply put, we won the League, Carabao Cup, FA Cup and Champions League - principally using v1.0.0. After so long in-game, starting with a strong Spurs squad, having had the fortune to get Sancho, Bowen, Coman and Foden for (relatively) cheap and with previous success meaning that there's money to spend when I need to, I could say that it's not down to the tactic. However, I played the opening couple of months using (your version number neatness is my version number confusion) one of the v1.2 tactics and it simply wasn't deli
  3. End of season update, having run the whole season from pre to post with v1.1 First up: Premier League champions - our second title in seven seasons, and at the end a comfortable victory as Man City took just 5 points from their last 5 games to finish 7 points off the pace, having led for 27 of the 33 rounds prior. Still, we took 40 points from our last 14 games - ultimately an irresistible run of form. We were top scorers with 102, and had the 3rd best defence with 30. We also added our final missing trophy as we claimed the FA Cup for the first time, beating Man City 3-0 in the fina
  4. A few thoughts on post-match team talks. I mainly use FuSS' pre/mid-match talks, for guidance: Defeat/draw with a bad performance - Aggressive, not good enough, we should have won that (tends to generate the 'locked in the dressing room' news item) Win with a poor performance against a smaller/weaker team - Assertive, bit of a let off Win with a poor performance against a comparable/bigger team - Calm, good win Win with a good performance (most/all players over 7.0) - Calm, happy with result and performance Win in a derby match/cup final - Passionate, good win/happy wi
  5. 2nd. About as realistic as the board's expectation of a title challenge, given how badly I messed things up last year... but it's actually going to plan, so far!
  6. Following on from the above, I switched to a 4231 shortly after as none of my DMs were really firing in that spot. I made it into 4th spot at match 37 and somehow won the CL - very, very luckily, as 5th placed Man City won the EL. I didn't think that the tactic was the problem; The 4231 still let me down against the best teams, but it was scoring more. My gaze shifted to my midfield and 'keeper, which star-wise had the lowest rated players in the team. I brought in Mattheus Henrique from PSG and Alexander Nubel from Bayern (beautiful, beautiful 30m release clause), freeing up funds with t
  7. A quick update as I close in on 2 years of FuSSfilment. Spurs bought no-one over the summer. Our targets were Frenkie de Jong and Kylian Mbappe, so unsurprisingly even as English and Europa champions we weren't quite capable of matching their prices - and all the while we had the perpetually complaining Erling Haaland parked out on the front doorstep, with orders to make come hither eyes at anyone with 90 million to spend. Sadly, the best we got offered was 55 million by Atletico Madrid, so in desperation we loaned him to Barcelona to kick the problem down the road a season, and only as I
  8. End of my second season as Spurs using this tactic, and after switching to v1.1 around November my team picked up the pace, improving from narrow wins with some draws to comfortable wins in most matches, we ended up winning the PL with 4 games to spare, beating out a Liverpool side that remains strong even at the end of the 23/24 season. There weren't many crushing wins domestically, but a 2 or 3 goal is nothing to be sneezed at - and there was a very pleasing 5-1 shellacking of Man City in there, even if they did struggle this season! Erling Haaland was top scorer with 19 - but that did
  9. Can't say for sure if it'll work in your game given how few staff members you have, but click on Staff in the sidebar, then along the top look for Responsibilities, then Match at the bottom of the drop down menu. In that window, set another member of staff to handle the development team during matches - that should sort it out.
  10. Depends on player personality, how long they've been unhappy and how many matches they've spent as second/third/whatever choice. 'Alienated' is pretty far down the road of unhappiness; Try and keep them at 'Concerned' at worst, and ideally 'Satisfied'. Players don't mind being rotated, at least in my experience, but they don't want to feel like they're forgotten. Erling Haaland doesn't like being Harry Kane's backup in my game, and usually needs to start 4-5 matches to be convinced he's a valued part of the team. After that, though, if he misses a couple of matches he's back to Mr Frowny
  11. To add to this, agents who enter negotiations with a "We'll wait for you to make us an offer" and then get turn their nose up over a deal they don't like are a plague. I don't read minds; If you know what your client wants, tell me - we'll probably agree on something close, but I'm not going to start negotiating with my highest offer, not when your player has the 11th highest average rating in the squad this season...
  12. Not sure what FuSS is doing, but I've found that the training schedules from https://fm-base.co.uk/resources/fm20-training-schedules.479/ have completely eliminated my players' whingeing about training effectiveness - which is really all I'm looking for! In seriousness, I've also found it effective to keep an eye on player injury risk, and make sure anyone with an above average risk does nothing more than normal intensity training. Average or better, they get double intensity. I check on that maybe 2-3 times over the course of the season.
  13. I've reached season's end - 18 matches played have brought 46 goals, 16 wins and 2 draws. Not bad! I switched to the tactic a match or two too late, sadly; 3rd in mid-February we'd just lost 3-2 to Chelsea, conceding a late winner. We'd also been turned over by Liverpool a couple of weeks earlier, and our wins were narrower than I cared for. Our first four matches under this tactic brought 4 wins with an 11-2 aggregate score. We then drew 0-0 with Newcastle in a match where they kicked seven shades out of us. After that we won 12 straight matches to reach the Europa final and push Ma
  14. Good to see you back - I've found your tactics to be consistently among the best across previous versions. Also delighted to see this particular tactic as it's the same formation (although different player roles) that I've been struggling to get working for my team. Early results are encouraging with 4 wins in 4 and some lovely work from the wingers. The advanced playmaker seems to be getting into position to score from knockdowns as well, which is a nice thing to add as my midfielders this season have struggled with scoring and it's held us back even with Kane and Haaland scoring plenty.
  15. Just completed my first season. Sold Vertonghen (23m, Juve) and Eriksen (50m, PSG) in pre-season, brought in Lascelles for 30M and James Rodriguez on a loan as their replacements. The January window saw us move on Alderweireld and Moura (Chinese teams, 70m combined) and bring in Sandor Berge as Dier dropped back into defence. Couldn't settle on a steady formation during the season - mainly used 4231 but also tried 442 and an asymmetric hybrid to try and get the best out of Sissoko at MR and Dele/Son at AML. Ended up back with 4231 in the end. No-one really had a good season, aside fr
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