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  1. I want a refund, the game is absolutely ****, nothing works, its full of bugs and I wish I had never bought it, utter ********.
  2. Hmm it's funny that neither of you even bothered to read it properly then eh? At no point did I say no one was enjoying it did I? nah I didn't, nice try though.
  3. Is anyone else just now completely bored of FM? I played this game religiously for years and years and lately its now just a game for those hardcores who can sit and play it 24/7 365 days a year. It is completely over complicated to the point its just not fun, you lose, you change things, you lose again, you change things again, you lose even more. The simple things that have never been fixed are still there, your players will run away from the ball, your players will throw the ball straight to the opposition, they will pass to the opposition even when they have four or five simple options. Basically, that's it, i'm done, where is the fun in playing something that requires you to have a PHD in order to get players to string two passes together? I'd like to say it's been fun, but let's face it, the game hasn't been fun in about either years.
  4. Never mind, the tactic doesn't work at all at lower level and is about as defensively sound as a dingy full of holes.
  5. I'm honestly about ready to chuck my current save with Parma, would this work with a TM instead of a DLF?
  6. I'd just give up, you can't play 4-4-2 anymore on FM because they have over complicated the entire game and its completely ridiculous these days, the game used to be fun, now its just torture.
  7. Well it doesn't really matter anymore, game is completely over complicated these days, didn't win a game in the next ten and got the sack, this game used to be great, it was fun and easy to play, now you need a god damn pro licence to even string to passes together, I'll stick to fifa.
  8. Most of the goals I've conceded seem to be through balls or simple little passes around the edge of our box. I've made some changes and i'm now trying this, seems to be a little better but now not as great going forward, I remember when this game was actually fun!
  9. ive started a new thread with the team set up.
  10. Also if anyone knows how to stop three players all going to win the same header that would be great!
  11. Ok, so I have recently switched to this formation on my Parma save and usually alternate between this and a 4-2-3-1. My issues are, we create a lot of chances on the whole but still struggle to score goals and secondly, defensively I wouldn't trust them to keep their bed sheets clean, so let the criticising begin... My only PI's are for the keeper to distribute to the defence, my full backs to stay wider with the ball and for LB to cross from the byline.
  12. Guys, I'm currently playing a 4-2-3-1 and I'm just wondering, does anyone else think that maybe setting the team to less closing down would make it more defensively sound rather than getting caught out with centre backs running out?
  13. I have to agree with the OP, ive had every version ever made and this is by far and away the worst. Every year it gets more and more over complicated until it has now got to the point that player roles just don't work, the AI is completely over powered in every aspect e.g they might have two shots in the entire game and both fly in, your team on the other hand might have 47 CCC and nothing at all, its utterly ridiculous.
  14. An amazing game!? Thats the most over the top description ive heard so far, the game is shockingly bad on so many levels and if you go on any other forum that doesnt just simply delete posts having a go then you will see just how many people feel the same.
  15. Well thats that, ive had enough, game uninstalled and not a moment too soon. None off your "its your tactics, its your tactics" i would base it more on the fact the game as a whole is ridiculous. Players dont follow instructions, the AI strikers never ever miss a chance, AI managers just do not get sacked after terrible runs/results even if their job is under review, ridiculous amounts of errors offsides being the main ones. This is meant to be a GAME not a waste of peoples time and patience, some of us do not have the time that it would seem half the people on here have to just sit and play the game for 16 hours constantly to finally try and string two passes together to score a goal, rating 1/10 would not buy again, good night and good bye!
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