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  1. i cant seem to continue when i click it nothing is happening as it wont go off this screen
  2. does anyone know why the presentation of the end of season review might not be working on my game . all i seem to get it this screen
  3. the updated one u recently released
  4. the skin im using is yours mate base skin dark fm20
  5. is there anyway to change the panel above lawrence shanklands face with contract details to a dark colour with white font ? some clubs are unreadable and i cant see any player information as the font sometimes clashes with the background colour
  6. and also this screen does not fit fully onto the screen sides are cut off slightly is there anyway to get this so its all visible ?
  7. does anyone know how to change the colour of the panel above shanklands face the purple one so it can be readable not all teams have this colour but it does change sometimes and cant see any valuation or contract info etc of the players
  8. so frustrating everything else about this skin and the way iv got it set out is absolutely perfect apart from matchday
  9. this is the best i can get it i think possibly the match folder in the panels folders may have something to do with it but i am clueless with what needs to change
  10. yes iv done that michael still no joy
  11. done the cache and preferences folder deleted them both still no joy with moving the panels there going invisible again when i drag them
  12. Thanks mate will give this a try in the morning really appreciate your help
  13. How do i clear the cache folder again ? Iv reloaded skin still no joy with that . And how can i remove the cache folder where would i do that ?
  14. here we go !!! right mate what i need to know is how to make the panels on the right go all the way along to the left staying with that level of transparency . when i drag the panels over anymore to the left they become invisible again .
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