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  1. Hi guys im wondering if anyone can help me out to get rid of the black background on the news screen and make it transparent like the sidebar. Any help or advice would be much appreciated
  2. its sayin on screen i may lose track of my games and asking if im willing to continute to play the demo as it may be used from different computer ??? dunno wat that means mate
  3. iv not tried to run any other games mate wat can i do
  4. cant remember mate its actual pics of the trophies like real life images not computerised ones .
  5. can anyone tell me how to get the competiton background working . i have the folder of all competitions and every1 works apart from the english ones ie prem lgue championship comm shielf fa cup lgue cup theres no images showing up for these ive checked the id and the id is what its meant to be
  6. 31/01/2013 thats the date of the driver ive tried updating it but its saying thats the latest driver available
  7. yeh done that mate been using graphics for years jst dont know why the default background is showing up on certain competition screens when it should be the competition background i see
  8. also got competitions backgrounds and i have a default background in my skin and when i click on some of the competitons it doesnt show the competition background it shows the default background any reasons as to why this might be happening ?
  9. also need galatasaray mate if u can copy and paste me that aswell plz
  10. mate ive tried changing the id of the stadiums but still not showing up can u explain to me what i need to do to get this correct please ?
  11. that will be that then as its juventus shakhtar brighton and cardiff . thanks alot buddy ill go change that now
  12. im running 1 league english premier league and medium database size
  13. just wondering if any1 knows why a few of my backgrounds are not showing up on matchday . about 4 0r 5 clubs i play against there stadium shows up when i click on there squad profile but when im playing them in a fixture its not showing the stadium it just shows the default background. all the rest are fine its just there 4 or 5 on matchday that dont show . any help would be appreciated
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