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  1. WB on attack in Blue Matter results in scoring a ton of goals, but if you want to shore the defence up a bit I stick the right sided central midfielder back into a DM position on defend and place the other two central midfielders as a two in front of him (same roles as original tactic) and that makes you more solid defensively. It does also reduce scoring power a bit though but is more balanced.
  2. Blue Matter 433 Attacking is ferocious when it comes to goalscoring. Plays some great attacking football too.
  3. Restart has worked Very odd that FM 18 full fat updated no problem but FM Touch didn't. All sorted now anyway.
  4. Getting the same problem but only with FM Touch. It looks like FM 18 full fat has upgraded to 18.03 but when it tries to do it for FM 18 Touch I get the error message in first post. Tried to uninstall FM 18 Touch and reinstall and that hasn't worked. Will try to restart PC and see if that works - will report back,
  5. Going to start the BETA with a save at Hartlepool which may turn into either a one club save or if I get bored a journeyman save. Also at some point want to do a save with a Norwegian side called Mjolner who have just been promoted to the 3rd division but not sure whether that will be included in the new game - anyone know?
  6. Depends how you use your tactics really - this was a testing save so I was using a few different set ups. Cant remember each and every set up that was used but then I didn't expect to need to remember the settings as I had saved the tactics. I get what you are saying about the steam workshop now being activated, but I think SI could have done more to warn people that this may happen to their BETA tactics and how to avoid it.
  7. I do have the BETA save, but I have been using a few different tactics on it and when I go to load up some of the tactics I have been using it says "This file could not be imported". I can look at previous matches in the save where I have used the tactic but I cant see the settings I used etc so cant replicate the tactic fully. Setting the tactic up only works when you can remember all of the settings.
  8. Got the same problem as moolochicken - created tactics on the BETA and now it says "File could not Import" when I try to load them up in full game. Why the hell would there be a difference between BETA and FULL GAME when using tactics - ridiculous and extremely ANNOYING as I have no other way of getting these tactics back!
  9. That's an absolute disgrace from Uefa. The lad has missed a major final for no reason at all - not a chance he or the club will even get an apology from the scumbags.
  10. Think he is off to Huddersfield on a season long loan.
  11. Happy with this signing, he looks like a proper goalkeeper.
  12. If you can actually last more than 2 games in europe and have to play 3 games a week for a big chunk of the season then it will be interesting to see how the two clubs compare next season. Us without Europe to contend with will more than likely see us competing at the top end of the table while you lot slope off back down to mid table.
  13. We BADLY need a left back so no surprise we are looking at him. He is better than our current left back that's for sure.
  14. This new keeper we are supposedly getting, Karius from Mainz, looks decent. Reminds me a bit of Pepe Reina in the way he distributes the ball and moves around the box. Apparently only costs £5mill too which could be a nice bit of business.
  15. Moreno is an utter ****ing abomination, a walking disaster zone with an error ready to appear at any moment. If that's his last appearance in a red shirt I will be pleased. Really hope Klopp gets ruthless in the summer and culls the crap out of this squad. We need to be lean and quality with only domestic honours to play for next season.
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