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  1. dazoctaron

    Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    Have you solved this??
  2. dazoctaron

    Create domestic Super Cup

    You can select the date it's played during the process, so just set the date a week before the league games start. So if the league starts on 14th August then set it to be played on the 7th
  3. dazoctaron

    Squad Rules - youth registration not required

    I had a similar issue. See this topic
  4. I've had a quick look and it seems that you haven't set any fate actions to qualify teams for the playoff groups or for promotion from those groups. I'll have a look in more detail this week.
  5. dazoctaron

    B team can to be promoted 2nd division

    I would assume that you need to make sure that the 'Allow B teams to be promoted' checkboxes (both of them) are ticked for the division you want them to promote into.
  6. dazoctaron

    Christmas Eve Fixtures?

    Uncheck the end date check box shown in your first screen and add the end date from the list of fixtures which should be 24th December.
  7. dazoctaron

    U19s do not need to be registered

    OMG I have I flippin missed this!! Thank you.
  8. dazoctaron

    Create domestic Super Cup

    First you need to make the Super Cup active by unchecking 'Is Extinct' and change the competition to Super Cup. Next you need to load the Greek Nation Rules and select 'Add Lower Divisions and Cups to existing structure'. On the left hand side select cups and then click on the add button (bottom right) When the window opens, select Super Cup. If you've done it correctly it should appear in the dropdown menu on the next screen. Next select the competitions that the winners qualify from. I assume the top league and the cup winners. Then in the next window select the basic rules for the competition and a date for it to be played. Hit finish and it should now appear added to the cups screen that we saw at the beginning. Boom! Supercup added. Don't forget to verify the rules and save.
  9. dazoctaron

    League Start Date

    Are you sure that's not the pre-season start??? That is different to the actual league start.
  10. dazoctaron

    Adding a minimum transfer fee?

    A far as I'm aware the minimum release fee only works for full time players. Otherwise if you've done as per the picture below I can't see why it wouldn't work. <<<<<<
  11. dazoctaron

    Home Grown Status Help

    When the player is your subject in the editor, scroll down to player data and under the general tab beneath his stats are two boxes so that you can select trained in country (top box) and trained at club (bottom box). Make these so that the top one is your country and beside it '3 years between 15 and 21' or '3 years before 21' depending on what you want. Repeat this for the lower box, but put your club instead of the country. See below: <<<<<< Hope this helps.
  12. dazoctaron

    No rules found for..

    Are you adding it to the existing rules?
  13. dazoctaron

    Transfer window closing time

    I have found the same issue with transfer deadlines but changing it to close at 2300 (or 2359) seemed to work for me.
  14. FM17 - Editor I am pretty good with the advanced rules and I've searched for hours on here to try and find the answer, despite someone saying it was in the sticky thread and have become frustrated with being unable to solve this issue. In FM15 this was included in a drop down menu and it was easy to select it but in FM17 it seems to have disappeared into thin air. How can I make it so that U19s (or 21s or 23s etc) do not have to be registered for a partcular competition?
  15. dazoctaron

    Start/end season for created league

    Have you checked that the June dates are +1 year to the July date?? I know this seems like a stupid answer but it's amazing how many people miss this!! You could also try changing the season start to mid August or even beginning of Spetember.