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  1. I have a look through the nation rules for England and it does look like that promotion/relegation is possible with reserve leagues in advanced rules. I'll do a bit more experimenting to see how it all works.
  2. I've noticed in the FM19 editor that countries now have reserve/U23 divisions listed in the competitions tab that weren't there in the FM17 editor. Can these be used to create promotion/relegation for those divisions? Can specific teams/regions be used? I usually create my reserve/U23 divisions using the options in the reserve part of the nation rules and wondered if there is now another way to do this?
  3. You can select the date it's played during the process, so just set the date a week before the league games start. So if the league starts on 14th August then set it to be played on the 7th
  4. First you need to make the Super Cup active by unchecking 'Is Extinct' and change the competition to Super Cup. Next you need to load the Greek Nation Rules and select 'Add Lower Divisions and Cups to existing structure'. On the left hand side select cups and then click on the add button (bottom right) When the window opens, select Super Cup. If you've done it correctly it should appear in the dropdown menu on the next screen. Next select the competitions that the winners qualify from. I assume the top league and the cup winners.
  5. It is fairly easy to delete the competition history of a club individually. <<<<<<<< Navigate to the club and then down to Team League History. Under the stats for all seasons is a clear button. Just click this.
  6. Neither of these semed to solve the issue. Alternative ways: 1) 2016 Season relegate 4 teams from 2nd tier and promote 4 teams (1 from each sub league) from 3rd tier 2) Have no relegation from 2nd tier in 2016 season and then "grab teams" from the 3rd tier leagues and add them to the 2017 2nd tier division eg. No relegation and grab the top 2 teams in each of the 3rd tier teams and place them in the 2nd tier league. Grab the 2 bottom teams in the 2nd tier and add them to 2 of the 3rd tier leagues. You would also need to add 6 teams from the lower leagues to the 3rd t
  7. I managed to get it to download but the first error I get is that there are only 9 teams in the 2nd tier. I would suggest setting the first 2nd tier division to run in the year 2016 with no interval selected and the second 2nd tier to run in the year 2017 with the interval set to 1
  8. Sorry, but I couldn't get that file to extract. Do you have a minimum/maximum number of teams set for 2nd and 3rd tiers? Is it a set number of teams?
  9. An undo button so that if you make a mistake it can be corrected easily. The ability to search for people/teams by nation. e.g.: search for all teams in a certain country It might have been mentioned already but to be able to add Nations, regions etc I have tried and have been unable to create a playoff where 1 team from a higher division plays off against (3) teams from a lower division with the winner taking their place in the higher division. (a bit like in Scotland/Germany) Being able to see all competitions from a nation. Some of them don't have the nation name in their title so don't
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