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  1. so now i have followed all the istructions on the link and updaed my graphics driver still crashing on loADING screen.
  2. still crashing on loading screen after that download
  3. Get a mix of error an error message early on . Crash out on si logo or crash out on loading screen
  4. Keep changing how far it gets . freezing on loading screen then crashing
  5. Not even getting to lading screen now crashing out to desktop at sports interactive logo
  6. Ok so did that and it has said an update is required on steam account screen. It then stops updating at 91% and says connection timed out . Gotta say I'm disappointed as every other fm has loaded no problem. This one has been a nightmare. 1st it wouldn't let me into my steam account cos it said I had been sent an email but it never arrived. So created new steam account and now the game don't even work. I am hopeless with computers so feel it should be easier than this to play.
  7. Hi all my fm2014 keeps stopping and crashing on loading screen . I have tried reloading from steam and from disk deleted cache and preference files but still no joy. Please help
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