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  1. Hi, I only keep 2 saves a pre-match save and a post-match save. It never happened again so guess it was a one off.
  2. Update: after pressing continue, it went to my ACTUAL team talk, but then the game hangs on the 'awaiting media reaction' spinny circle. Had to force quit, so guess I have to play the match again now ffs.
  3. Playing a Carabao Cup game against Sunderland, I'm Hull. Won the match. Went to to the team talk, and for some reason, it's given me control of the other team's team talk, and not my team! In my 5th season, if that's relevant. Very strange.
  4. The decrease already started in my 2nd season, by the 3rd (and now 4th) it's levelled out. That to me, says it's fixed, in my save anyway.
  5. Seems to be fixed on my save. Started off with a database of 80k players. Lost 3k after season 1 (obv pre-patch) season 2 lost 1k. season 3 (post patch) lost 1k at start of the season, but in March with the new intake, the database went up another 1k. So it seems to be balancing out now.
  6. Within my first season I already had 3 partnerships with green lines. my 2 CBs, both WBs to Attacking wingers.
  7. I'm using a defensive formation with counter attacking wingers, and having a great 2 seasons so far. Won League 1 in first season (And EFA Trophy) and currently 3rd in the championship near the backend of season 2. I'm using the 433 DM Wide formation.
  8. Happens to me too. No crashes in the game itself, but get the crash report submit box when exiting the game. Will try the delete cache/prefs thing, even though I hate having to redo all my my settings/prefs.
  9. Full screen for myself. The thumbpad on the MX Master switches right back to the desktop without having to put your fingers anywhere near a keyboard.
  10. Ahh right, thought that might be the case. Looks like I'm going down the trial and error route through the first batch of friendlies then lol.
  11. Hi, I'm new to FM2020, came from FM2018. This might be a really silly question, but here goes... In a match, what happened to things like 'retain possession' 'take a breather' etc'? I've tried using different mentalities to see if the options appear, but bit stumped. Cheers in advance.
  12. Oh great. That issue with a previous patch has reared it's ugly head again. A big yellow line going all the way across the pitch. Only way to get rid is to drop the graphics to 'low'. every other setting shows the giant yellow line. Cheers SI.
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