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  1. It's just occurred to me that it may be World Cup 2022 related. I could be wrong, but seems likely.
  2. Just had this happen on my Hull City save in the 2022/2023 season. Pic attached. No fixtures for November and the majority of December! What causes this? Am I supposed to set up a tonne of friendlies? Very strange.
  3. I've just experienced the exact same issue as Almere036. Except I'm in the Premier League. What's going on?!
  4. Ahh right, thought that might be the case. Looks like I'm going down the trial and error route through the first batch of friendlies then lol.
  5. Hi, I'm new to FM2020, came from FM2018. This might be a really silly question, but here goes... In a match, what happened to things like 'retain possession' 'take a breather' etc'? I've tried using different mentalities to see if the options appear, but bit stumped. Cheers in advance.
  6. In all seriousness, it's not just the tactic you use in FM that secures you a win. There's keeping players happy, choosing the right training schedule based on the team you'll be facing, team-talks, the choices n decisions you make from the touchline as the game plays out, for example.
  7. ERm, the obvious answer would be...They score more goals than the other team, thus winning the games.
  8. Lol, That is just the players I'm using at mo, cos of injuries. Usually have Macgregor in goal and Diame in midfield and Ramirez in AML. Injuries aren't usually a prob but the last couple games have been a bit hard on the players.
  9. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=sqh07a&s=8#.VPmPlmBybIU there we go, hope it's worked.
  10. My squad is basically the Hull squad, minus N'Doye. I bought Ramirez and Ben Arfa contracts (They were only on loan at Hull irl). Bought a player called Ignazio Abate to strengthen my RB position. That's pretty much my squad. I play a 424 with an AML AMR.
  11. oh, in that case I won't bother. Can't be arsed to create an account on a photo sharing site just to show someone a pic of my squad, lol.
  12. I just tried to upload a pic of my squad, but it keeps coming up with an error message saying it's 'undefined'.
  13. Using Hull City. No edits, no cheating whatsoever. 1st Season: finished 2nd in league. won Euro cup and FA Cup. 2nd season: Winning league by 5 points after 30 games. Won Capital One Cup. Won Super Cup. Won Community Shield. Down to last 8 in Champs League. In past FM's I've been terrible. So much for FM2015 being harder like a lot of people say on here. Anyhoo, bragging over.
  14. Oh great. That issue with a previous patch has reared it's ugly head again. A big yellow line going all the way across the pitch. Only way to get rid is to drop the graphics to 'low'. every other setting shows the giant yellow line. Cheers SI.
  15. About to play Arsenal and a press conference is happening. One of the reply choices is 'The thing about Arsenal is, they always try to walk it in'. Referencing the phrase from that episode of the IT Crowd, were Roy and Moss try to be more like men.
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