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  1. I am trying to put into action a plan I have had for a number of years, but before I start I want to make sure it is possible within the editor. My Idea It will be a Worldwide Football League, made up of 30 teams from across the globe, competing in 2 conferences much like the MLS. The teams will be brand new and I will be compiling the original squads from players already in the database. I want the 2 conferences of 15 teams to run just like the MLS, with play-offs and a Cup at end. I would like the league to be made up of the world's top players, so I was planning to reduce the reputations and budgets of all major worldwide clubs so as to stop them bidding for players within the league. I would also retire them all from international football. I would also like there to be a draft, hence why I think it would be easier to just amend the MLS rather than start from scratch. I don't even think you can add a draft system to a league. Questions 1. Is this a plausible idea? 2. Can I expand a league to include more teams, especially one as unique as the MLS with conferences? 3. Can a league be made up of clubs from different nations? 4. Can I amend the quality of player to come through in a Superdraft at the beginning of the season? Any assitance would be appreciated, especially from those who have taken on the MLS when editing or experience editing with a draft system.
  2. I am currently trying to create a custom database, where all the top players in the game are allocated to teams by draft. Given that I will have 30 teams and 22 players per team, I am going to need to allocate a lot of players. Is there any way I can access a list of all players (or the top 700 or so) and list them in order of CA?
  3. Now manager of Kildrum Tigers in Republic of Ireland. By far worst team I have managed so far in FM. Looking forward to it, had a few games but really struggling so far. Need more wages so sitting defensively for this season at least
  4. Usually been a Dafuge challenge player but after a seriously successful save in 07 I have never managed to come anywhere near where I did with Tiverton Town. Now for a change and this is one I've always followed but never tried. Waiting for my season to holiday in Ireland, anyone got tips for an inexperienced Gundo manager like myself? I plan on updating on here as I think it makes me more involved in my save
  5. Mate, I think Im in love with you. Im Everton, 23 games unbeaten and playing some superb football. Im just using the control tactic home and away, and sometimes changing if Im really looking for a goal. Heres my league at the moment: And the results: Have beaten Man U and Arsenal at home, and an amazing 5-2 win at Stamford Bridge. Leandro Augusto in dm role has been superb, and Yakubu and Ishmael Miller are brilliant up top. You have really found a way to execute that guys pace! My fullbacks, and Phil Jagielka have been superb also. Is there a set tactic for corners? Because he wins every single corner and has scored a few already. Once again, thanks, and ill keep you updated
  6. sorry i just dont have the patience or time to make a sign up. Did that before and lost interest
  7. just makes it an even harder challenge! I think i might set this up then
  8. How about a Regens of Regensburg Its a team in Germany. Saw the name and thought very fitting for a title of a experiment or challenge. Dont know what yet, ideas welcome
  9. Just started my forst Oxford season but im struggling. Ashley Barnes and Bas Savage are banging them in, but i always concede more than i score. Im losing games 3-2 and drawing 2-2 a lot. Any help?
  10. why is it so good to be Oxford? They have good money or a good squad?
  11. Run it as a sign up. If you do can I reserve a place? </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Yeah, don't see why not. Ill be running it quite soon, once the Save England sign up im running finishes
  12. Ok I have an idea but I don't know whether it should be an AI Experiment or a sign-up game. It is a managers challenge in which I would be entering new managers into the game unemployed and following their progress. As an AI Experiment, i would vary the attributes of each manager to see what one actually is most important. For example, one manager would have 20 for motivation and 10 for everything else, and another would have 20 for discipline and 10 for the rest. I would then follow their progress from being unemplyed to see what attribute is most important in being a successful manager on FM. This would also work as an AI experiment, and i could make a list of 10 attributes and then each player can sign up to one of the attributes. It would be the same experiment only as a sign up which would get more people involved. For example, I would have a list: Motivation Determination Discipline And only one person could have 20 for it. Once 10 managers signed up then i could start and follow it in the exact same way. Would it be more successful as an AI Experiment or sign-ip?
  13. Best League in the World? AI Experiment The aim of this challenge would be to see what country has the best league, simple as that. The way this would be done, is by making each player playing in a certain country, its nationality i.e. All Premiership players English, all Serie A players Italian, all La Liga players Spanish etc. I would then follow the nations, and see how they get on with their new squads. The country that does the best would obviously have the best players playing in it currently, and therefore would be the best league.
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