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  1. Thanks Neil, do you know how many time it takes to have a reply ?
  2. thanks so you put the second key and it updated it to final ?
  3. Anybody got the beta from amazon preorder, cancelled it to buy a key online ? Is it working and keeping everything ? I did that because it was too expensive and dont give a damn about a box
  4. Hi, I preordered on amazon.fr the game and got the beta key. However, I found a better price on another site. If I cancel my preorder to get fm2014 from another site, will I be able to continue my game ? Or do I have too keep my amazon preorder ? Thanks
  5. great price but the only problem is : Region: N/A Language: N/A dont want to get a russian version
  6. Thanks MECAP Damn I stop buying and playing FM since 2007 (bought every versions since Championship Manager back in 93), too buggy, too much changes. But excited about the linux version and the classic mode which I prefer
  7. thanks, but not working for me. maybe its because its my first buy on this site ?
  8. is cdkeys reliable ? I mean english steam key, not a russian key ? thanks
  9. I received it 20 minutes ago, and added it to my steam linux library even if its not available for preload yet ... preordered from amazon.fr
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