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  1. rashidi1, I see that you use the "cover"-duty on one of your CBs a lot, and with an offside-trap. How is this working? Does the "cover"-duty sometimes break the offside-trap? I guess he must have very high decision and anticipation stats? I guess I always thought you'd have to choose between offside-trap and "cover".
  2. Thanks for very quick response, Neil. I'll let you know how it goes.
  3. Hey all, I have some questions regarding the ME. FM runs fine, but in-match the engine starts to lag a lot. Even with only commentary selected and running only 1 league and a small DB. Here are my specs/dxdiag: ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 12/17/2014, 17:21:18 Machine name: PC01 Operating System: Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation 64-bit (6.3, Build 9600) (9600.winblue_gdr.140330-1035) Language: Norwegian (Nynorsk) (Regional Setting: Norwegian (Nynorsk)) System Manufacturer: MSI_NB System Model: MEGABOOK
  4. michaeltmurrayuk, do you know how to put the club logo furthest down on the side bar?
  5. That's a fair point, but I'd rather continue developing my current profile and it just wouldn't feel the same. Thanks for trying to help guys and remember to keep those board promises!
  6. Afraid not, I don't save very often and have disabled autosaves. I've got a save dating roughly 14 days before the promise to the board needs to be met. And I can't sell the players, 'cause the transfer window is closed. I guess I'll make sure to keep promises to the board from now on. I had no idea the outcome would be the sack though! Pretty rough. Nice implementation by SI though - now you might actually lose your job if players are unhappy for a long time. Makes for a more challenging game!
  7. Hi guys! I really hope some of you can help me. I've started a game on FM15 I'm really happy about and I've played 7-8 seasons. As I don't like to cheat or use any editor, I selected "prevet use of in-game editor". Now, however, because of a board promise regarding moral I've got the sack. I was not aware of this aspect of the game, as the newer FMs are new to me. Is there any way to make a save game available for editing, even though I've selected to not use the in game editor? I just need to adjust the moral of two players to "OK". Best wishes, C
  8. I've conceded 5 goals in total the last 26 games. I always have one of my wingbacks on defend duty, the other one on support. This also allows you to play a high mentality. Show left winger to right foot with hard tackling and show right winger to left foot with hard tackling. Also on corners, defend your 6-yard box. This has helped my defensive record immensely.
  9. Excellent new patch and this FM is shaping up to be very good. Having some issues with corners tough, I feel I'm scoring too much and conceding too much (all settings left at default.)
  10. GK, DC, DC - HB - WB(A), WB(A) - CM(S), DLP(D), CM(A) - DLS(S), AF(A) seems to be working well for me. Conceded 11 in 25 PL games and avaerage about 58-62% possession. It's nice that three at the back is now an actual option again.
  11. I started playing Championship Manager in 1996. I was 10 at the time and now, 18 years later I have so many memories from playing the game. When I was 10, I had my appendix removed and after the surgery my brothers gave me Championship Manager 2: European leagues. I was so happy. It was a released by Eidos or Kixx, and had the Italian, German and French leagues if I remember correctly. Having won everything in England, it was time for a new adventure. Unlike Ian Rush, I didn't mind all the italians in Italy. This was the time when all the best italian players were still playing in Italy. Middl
  12. RTHerringbone, have you tried with two CFs upfront? I tried with the support duty moving into channels, and they're really creating some nice widt upfront.
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