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  1. Ta, thanks. I don't need to post the screenie if the answer is essentially "The players will choose the cross they deem to be appropriate." Congratulations on your many years of experience as a defender and all of the very best
  2. 1. "TI are tendencies" - as in.. I am suggesting what the players should do, rather than instructing them? I don't agree. Plenty of the other instructions are rigid in their application i.e. width, use offside trap etc. 2. I have watched several full matches, thanks. There are low crosses. There are also a lot of crosses which are not low. Do you have any ideas on how to make more of them low?
  3. Fellow gamers, Is it just me or does selecting Low Crosses as a Team Instruction fall on deaf ears? In my head I have Man City putting 98 out of 100 to feet. In (Match Engine) reality I have most of my highlights resulting in one of my forwards trying to head in something aimed at... their head. I don't have Be More Expressive selected. I don't have Hit Early Crosses selected either. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  4. Hello smart folk, Does anyone know how the default promotion and relegation between Serie D and Serie C works? Is there a chance that some of the currently unselectable clubs enter Serie C without needing to make changes to the database? The two I am particularly interested in are Palermo and Foggia. Thanks
  5. After hours and hours - I'd say ~ 50 now - of tactic testing and juggling, I am yet to come close to recreating anything as effective of this on 20.2.3 My hat is off to you
  6. Friends, I haven't played since FM16. You used to be able to take over a club with a well established manager (i.e. Wenger) and the board would ask you if you wanted him retained as DoF. Can you still do this in FM20? If so, is there any way of knowing when it will be recommended?
  7. Thank you, compadres. I am at about 55% now so I guess I can't complain too much. I would think the Barese would be packing out the house for a Champions League side given they have been in Serie C for most of the last decade but is what it is. I'll just have to sign Ronaldo or something
  8. Hello friends, FM20 is my first since FM16. Due to being very handsome and excellent, I have taken Bari from Serie C to Champions League (2nd in Serie A) in 3 seasons. We won the Serie B on our way up, too, by like 20 points. As such, I am surprised to find: - No big clubs want to hire me (Roma were like "Thanks for your applicaiton but nah") - Bari are a still a 3-star rep club and we get about 25,000 to each game (please keep in mind when Bari - the real one - have played Serie B Playoff games in the past they have sold out. It's a city of 350,000) - I can't attract any big name players, even from non-Champs League clubs These may sound like complaints but they aren't, I am just wondering if this is the new normal in FM? How long do I have to be good for until I'm considered a top manager and top club? Thanking you
  9. Hello again @Mr U Rosler and anyone reading, I am in Game 35 of Year 1 of Serie A with Bari and have ridden this all the way to a Champions League spot. In 2nd now - we can't win but we can't finish worse than 4th. Once more, many thanks for solving this odd Match Engine. The only adjustments I made were taking the CF(S) and changing him to a DF(S) as I didn't think any of my strikers had the quality to be a Complete Forward.... aside from Sebastiano Esposito*, who is playing the CF(A) role - he has 34 in 35 and will likely be Serie A Player of the Year. He's still 19. The other tweak I made was to take "Shoot Less Often" away from him as he's clearly my best player and I wanted him to shoot all the time. * For those starting in the lower leagues of Italy (and maybe elsewhere), I was able to get Esposito on loan in Serie C as a 17 year old, where he's easily good enough to start. Then extended for another season into Serie B where, as an 18 year old, he was good enough to be one of the top forwards in the division. Then extended again for a 3rd year where he officially hit Wonderkid status and starts for Italy. Unfortunately, Inter want him back now, but fair to say he's a handy guy to jump on early
  10. Hi @Mr U Rosler Posting for the first time in years (maybe ever? I don't know how many posts I have) to thank you for this Tactic. I was doing pretty well with Bari using a bog standard GengenPress template and some roles I thought would work from FM16* days... until 20.2 hit and then I fell in a hole - and frankly, I was too lazy to solve it myself Plugged this in and roared through last half of Serie B for back to back promotions. And currently in 4th after 9 games in Serie A. My team is ~90% U19 and U21 Italian Internationals on loans. I haven't signed anyone of note and I have a wage budget of $8m Great stuff, my man NB Serie A Managers: I found the "Get Stuck In" instruction too physical for Serie A (I was getting 15-20 fouls per game and a ton of cards) so I've removed it. Still doing great winning the ball back * I've sat a few years out
  11. Thanks for deleting my previous effort. I'll try again. 14.1.4 was the best FM I've ever played. 14.2.0 isn't. Please right the ship.
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