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  1. 1) If your players are natural raise attributes is how i do it. 2) I generally do fitness for the preseason and then do Team Cohesion I never do anything else works well for me. 3) coaching abilities do improve over time though very slowly, the only other way that I know of is getting your licenses.
  2. I will try to edit this again one moment and yeah that was from viktoria koln wrong picture! Should all be working now. Thanks XaW
  3. Starting as Kinna IF: Finances Manager Profile Profile Facilities Squad I have no staff. Time to rectify that situation! Will be looking for the best HoYD and a Scout with high potential scouting.
  4. You have convinced me! Holidaying now. Thanks for the date btw had to find it on your post.
  5. I would love to try this challenge, however I went to try germany out, even the teams that are newly promoted are worth millions. Is anything comparable to the n/S Conference of england? I don't want to be a super strong side first year
  6. Im trying this with Canada home country and I don't even watch... they are so bad...
  7. What the hell happened to gohi to be only worth 60k o.O!!!
  8. Holy crap gohi on fire won 3 of the last 4 of the quarter loving it =)
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