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  1. I can't seem to find the preference-folder, that your first link is referring to - it is not in my FM14 folder. Deleting my cache has been done once again, then i reverified my cache and changed GPU to Software.. None of this worked, it still crashes when I'm reading the messages in my FM-inbox that were sent from before my FM went all tits up..
  2. Thanks for the help - but yea I have tried that... It's like the crashing is caused by reading a certain message in my FM-inbox.
  3. Recently I've encountered a lot of crashes on FM14. First it was with my Man. Utd. save in the year of 2023 and now it is with my Swansea save, every time I try and cancel a specific friendly.. I've removed the logos, player-faces, kits etc. etc. still no improvements... Dunno what's going on, neither what to do..? :confused:
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