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  1. Hi guys, could you PLEASE make it more attainable and realistic to become a Club Legend/Icon/Favoured Personnel. It's the small things that count and I know a hell of a lot people feel the same way. In 5 seasons with Lazio on FM19 I have won 9 trophies in 5 seasons including 3 back to back league titles, a Champions League,3 doubles back to back including the quadruple in my latest season. I'm still only under favoured personnel! This is highly unrealistic so could you please change this for future versions. There are many of us screaming out for this! Thank you! Continue making a wonderful game or "God's game" as I like to call it. :)
  2. I feel the immersion would deepen if there was loads more emphasis on your success & failure as a manager throughout your career. For example getting back to back promotions or getting a non league to top flight in successive seasons deserves a hell of a lot more feedback then what we currently get. You never feel as if your success is truly appreciated in FM world by the news items. Same for your failures. More frequent & I'm depth new items would be brilliant. Just go deeper and deeper, fill the immersion.
  3. Jamie2k

    Idea for FM 18

    Tactics need to be scrapped and reworked from top to bottom the current system is way to confusing.
  4. Hi guys, having a bit of a strange situation here. Just started a career with Dortmund but no one wants to join me. Even tried snapping u Anthony Reveillere, the ex Lyon right back who's on a free as cover for Piszeck, but he's not entertaining it, yet is willing to enter talks with Zaragoza! Other players such as Markovic, Matip, hell even Jon Arne Riise won't enter contract talks! I have an international reputation and am only a couple of weeks into my save. What is going on? Never had this before. Any suggestions?
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