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  1. The problem happens when our team is a dominant force in a league and europe like my Barcelona save for example. I have ever counted my average woodwork before in patch 14.2.2 and it was 1.32 per game for my team alone and slightly less in 14.3. That is ridiculous. Please do not give me logic that the more dominating a team is the more woodwork they will hit, it is simply a flawed logic as what happens with Liverpool last season.
  2. Yeah 0.64 is low, I accept that. But again having more woodwork because a team have more ball than other teams is not logical like Liverpool example and they were hardly dominating, it is down to luck! For EPL this year I do not remember Liverpool hitting as much woodwork as before so again it is LUCK and they actually perform better this year. In conclusion woodwork hit has nothing to do with how dominating a team is. More dominating does not mean more woodwork and vice versa! Look I do not mean to shoot you down or anything like that, this is a feedback thread and I believe a constructive debate is required.
  3. I apologize but I do not get your logic about a top team who have most of the possession, more crosses and shots will automatically hit woodwork at a ridiculous average of time, it does not make sense if we compare what happen to real life. In the case of Liverpool in 2012/2013 they hit the woodwork 33 times in 38 matches in a league (an average of 0.83/ game) and they were not even a top 4 team. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1656665-liverpool-why-do-the-reds-hit-the-woodwork-so-often I think it is just a pure luck and it has nothing to do with how dominating a certain team in a league. I do not remember Man Utd team under Ferguson hit the woodwork so much, even the Real Madrid team under Mourinho who broke goalscoring record 2/3 season ago. Yes this is not a deal breaker bug but it is a glaring bug and I have already posted in the feedback forum before for 14.2.2 patch where I average more than 1.2 woodwork per game just for my team and it does not seem much difference with this latest patch, maybe a little less. It seems like the ME logic dictates that the more dominating your team is the more woodwork you will hit, correct me if I am wrong. If it is right then the logic is flawed. Now you mention that soak test indicates that the woodwork average is just slightly higher than real life, may I know how is the soak test done?
  4. Well I was not complaining about the match engine, none at all, I was just questioning your logic about the CCCs and tactic and you have stated it quite clearly. In fact I am now quite happy with the current ME although it is still a small sample.
  5. The CCCs that I meant is not the one on the stats as shown in every match, I do not really care about that either. What I meant is the true CCC as most people will understand it.
  6. I have seen a lot of people complaint about poor conversion of CCCs and get replied with answers saying that it is our tactics. My question is if our tactic is problematic how do we then manage to create those CCCs? I am not talking about CCCs resulted from opponent mistakes but those that came from proper build up or team play..
  7. Ok, fine. But instead of saying that or other things that make other people feel unsatisfied, you can opt not to comment.
  8. Then what about the users that keep on insulting and belittling other users who complain about the game? Degenham_dave for example? What happens with the comment that says "if you dont like it then dont play"? Dont play?? We bought this game and we love this game, it is so inappopriate to read this kind of comment. One of the reasons this thread has often become embroiled in sniping war is because the existence of this kind of user.
  9. It happens to me a lot of time as well. I gave up setting instruction "distribute to defenders" for GK as it can lead to blunder like in your video even when I love to play possession football, instead I just let the GK kick the ball long. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Keep on belittling and criticizing someone else's post or complain is the lamest thing anyone can do on an internet forum.
  11. I am pretty sure that somebody in this forum will reply you with comment "oh well it is your tactic!". However as mod has previously mentioned, player's decision making in the final third will be looked at in the next patch.
  12. Well this is a sentence from mod RTHerringbone on page 37 if you could not care less to read: "There are definitely decision making issues in the final third, and these are known issues which are in the process of being reviewed and tuned.".
  13. I am talking about the pot shots from acute angle. At least this improvement can reduce 2-5 shots in a match especially from Inside Forwards.
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