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  1. It starts with a bog standard 4-1-4-1, sometimes 4-1-2-2-1. But I change the player roles in nearly every game, sometimes the formation, depending on the opponent defensive formation. I don't prioritise any of them 3 things above positioning. I'm trying a positional play style and possession is just the best tool to use to set out your stall/attacking shape. I've had a really hard time getting the sort of positioning I want from the player roles available though. The main issue being the spacing between the players, especially for CM's. A simple CM-S role worked well on FM 15 but they loo
  2. On my Schalke save which I've taken a break from, I can achieve a big amount of possession/passes per game which I didn't think was possible with how this years match engine works. But my main issue remains, I don't like the passing choices, especially in decisive moments. It's possession football but not the kind of possession football I want, nor instructing in my TI's/PI's. It's really stupid how many balls are played to fullbacks/wingbacks, I've tried all kinds of things to stop it but they just seem like a magnet for central players to pass to. So many potential combinations through the m
  3. Here's an example of that. Both these wingers are WM-A duties with a "Stay Wider" PI. This is what I'd expect from the PI's I'm using:
  4. I'm watching 90% of games and I get annoyed because I'm seeing loads of space to play centrally but players keep turning to wide players as if they're the only option. “The principle idea of Positional Play is that players pass the ball to each other in close spaces to be able to pass to a wide open man.” – Juan Manuel Lillo This quote is essentially what I'm after, my team don't seem to want to play in close spaces even if you (I) do everything within the ME to get anything remotely close to it. They just seem to kick it wide regardless of whether they're in space or not anyway. Not many s
  5. Barring isolated occasions of course, Enrique's Barca always have width. The Camp Nou has one of the best camera views to see how they line up. Well that surprises me because my players constantly try to play throughballs out to wide players & just generally play too many passes wide. I second that bug with wide players going too narrow during play near the final third, I could look for some pictures of both Pep's Bayern and Barca always have width during play in the final third.
  6. Just going back to this Cleon, a few pictures of the 2 most possession-based teams in real life playing wide: When I said teams in real life play wide, I obviously didn't mean tiki taka between fullback & winger. I mean the actual formation in-possession is wide. One player on each wing to always be wide to essentially act as a decoy to open up the inside corridors for central players - one of the most important aspects of Guardiola's positional play. I obviously assume you know this already, When I was using the "Wide" instruction I thought it had been updated for FM 16 that it di
  7. Well I'm sure you've misunderstood me. I'm not moaning at anyone, I keep putting up the same old thing as I've been applying advice and seeing no improvements in my annoyances - which are mainly just constant throughballs to offside positioned fullbacks/wingers and bad movement in midfield using the roles I want to use. On FM 15, the movement I got from CM-S duty players was almost as good as I could hope for. I appreciate any advice I'm getting but it's still not working for me. I am getting impatient though and know that'll never improve things so I'm giving it another go with uber patience
  8. You can get support duty players on the edge of the area when attacking? I don't, I just get players looking to make runs forward. I don't get balanced shapes at all when we have possession - using normal formations anyway. It's like they can't wait to bomb into the box into an offside position. And yeah, I agree with you - static screenshots don't purport much in the same way the screenshots used by anyone. I'm just showing screenshots using tactics which have been advised from this thread compared to tactics which I've created myself. I'm not sure if your suggestion of using playmakers was
  9. Well I am being impatient now because I know that even with patience, I didn't like what I was seeing. Most seem to put up with the positional play on the game so I must just be a stick in the mud. In my Valencia save, I've been using more ideas from this thread. Counter, Standard or Control mentalities, Highly Structured, Play Narrow etc - and then all the obvious possession instructions which everyone uses. But I'm still getting silly structures with possession. These aren't isolated moments in a game either, they're happening all the time: What's happening with the 3 CM's here? I ach
  10. I'm just at a loss with it. Nothing seems to stop these incessant throughballs out to wide players. I can't cope with all these crazy, up and down games because of constant interceptions. I had a good understanding of the game prior to this one but either I've been exposed as clueless or I still haven't found the magic instruction which'll save the day - which everyone else seems to have found. Technically speaking, I'm a reasonable success on the game if we're talking about results. And possession wise, I average more than most who have replied to this thread with screenshots. But I like wat
  11. Another example of poor positioning, especially from both of my 2 CM-S running into the penalty box. This was no counter either, we built play but as soon as one of my CM's passes wide it's like they all run forward. This is from a new Valencia save where I'm actually using some of your advice but I've seen no improvement. I'm trying Defensive, Counter & Standard mentalities as per your advice - And to add to my annoyance, my DM even joined in as play progressed - The team aren't completely fluid with the tactic yet so I'll stick with it. But it's no change from what I've been seeing
  12. On FM 15, Control mentality and Very Fluid played nothing like the way it does now. I often used Attacking with Very Fluid on FM 15 and still got closer to what I wanted. I have tried almost every combination. I don't see much, if any, improvement using lower mentalities either, and it makes pressing worse as well. I disagree with your point about achieving possession football as well - I could show plenty of stills of the width used by teams in real life who dominate possession. Anyway, If we're talking purely about possession then I've achieved possession football and average 67% of the s
  13. I've tried essentially every combination. From Higher Structured, right through to Very Fluid - Fluid & Very Fluid have proved the best ones from a possession point of view. I can force us to have ridiculous possession stats through thorough searching of every mentality, player roles, formations & philosophies or whatever you want to call it. But none have proved to be the sort of possession/position game I want. It just looks messy & I bet there's lots of others who think so as well. The main issues are not enough players are ready to block off counterattacks when play breaks dow
  14. I don't use anything which should make my CM's bomb into the penalty box and my F9 to play like a target man. I use all the obvious possession-first TI's/PI's. I used a basic 4-3-3, Very Fluid & Control. Wide as possible rather than narrow to open up the space for the middle. No specialist roles, just standard roles all on a support duty apart from the CB's and DM who are on Defend. Here's a screenshot - Pardo's position isn't dreadful but after making his cross to the badly positioned F9, he'll run forward like I've been saying. There's just no sense of calm or control in the play.
  15. Well as an example, Whether I'm doing something wrong or not shouldn't make the false 9 role play like a conventional striker - and he does for everyone else as well unless my game is broken. I very rarely see him positioned between the lines apart from isolated occasions when he'll drop off the CB's to receive a pass. Movement which is no different from the DLF. The CM-Support role just seems different to me, they play too close to others in & around the penalty box and make too many runs forward. I don't have any setting which should make them do this. I've tried them on a defend duty b
  16. With the match engine as it is, it's possible to create a tactic with loads of possession but impossible to create a good position game. The false 9 role still plays like a conventional striker so I still have to resort to using my ST in the AMC position, which then makes pressing worse because I want him to play in a normal ST role when we don't have the ball. And for whatever reason, they seem to have ruined the normal CM-Support role (in my opinion). Every time play approaches the final third, the midfield presence is non-existent. On FM 15, they used to hang outside the box more and were a
  17. Here's some poor quality video's of my Borussia Monchengladbach save. Couldn't make the quality any better, just made the videos look like they were lagging.
  18. I know, it doesn't make any sense. But that's how Opta do it for whatever reason.
  19. "... the passes for each team are totalled up and then each team’s total is divided by the game total to produce a percentage figure which shows the percentage of the game that each team has accrued in possession of the ball."
  20. In FM terms, my Gladbach save averages 66.8%. If I follow Opta's method, I've calculated that we average 70.3%. Numbers mean nothing though, just use your eyes to acknowledge whether you're playing it right or not - obviously averaging high amounts of possession is a good indication to further back-up that you believe you're playing this specific style of football. But don't just look at it, see you have 70% and think "we're doing it right". "Dominating possession isn't just for the sakes of it, it's a by-product of what the team try to achieve. It's to move the opponent, to gather them on o
  21. Possession itself isn't the main struggle, the struggle is achieving what you should be trying achieve through the possession. Creating the opportunities to find the third man, the player between the lines, overloading ball-side, underloading the other side, pressing etc. This quote essentially describes it in short: “The principle idea of Positional Play is that players pass the ball to each other in close spaces to be able to pass to a wide open man.” - Juan Manuel Lillo. There's a really good article on www.spielverlagerung.com which describes it all brilliantly. Since possession is reall
  22. Use WhoScored for stats, they go by OptaStats. Your screenshot if from Squawka.com which is inaccurate, I think. Pep's Bayern averaged 71.2% possession last season with an 88.3% passing accuracy. In Barca's 10/11 season, they averaged 72.6% possession with an 89.6% passing accuracy. I'd like to have seen how Paraguay played in that game. According to how I assume they played, 65% isn't even that much. Bayern on this game definitely don't play anything like Pep's real life style. Better remain liberal & say that's just my opinion though. The closest I've got is a Control mentality with a
  23. Of coarse it's possible to dominate using Counter, but not to the extent which Pep's Barca/Bayern did/do. If opponents are standing off & letting you have it, then any mentality can dominate really. Pressing is more important in my opinion when it comes to dominating possession. If you press an (apparent) possession side that doesn't press, then they'd usually have less possession. Southampton proved that in the EPL last season (in my opinion). Not sure if you'd agree but Manchester City are quite a methodical side with possession and against teams who sit deep, they'll always dominate po
  24. I just pick the obvious instructions. That part's not hard really. The only instructions I wonder about is Play Narrower or Play Wider. I don't notice that big of a difference in terms of the team shape in-possession. I only opt for Play Narrower because it focuses the passing in the middle more. The possession drops in the Counter mentality because of the lack of pressing, not because of the quality of the play when we're in-possession.
  25. Not totally sure what you mean. I was aiming my last post more at the lack of high pressing when using a Counter mentality. Using Control or Attacking mentalities with Much Higher Defensive Line will be a much higher line compared with a Counter mentality with Much Higher Defensive Line. That's according to what I've read on this forum numerous times anyway.
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