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  1. Really like this challenge. I start new save with Fiorentina, and decide not to buy anyone in 1st transfer window. At first I use Control with fluid, but it didn’t work well. My team can’t create enough a chance and too many miss pass. So I lower mentality to Counter, to create slower tempo, and cautious build up play. Formation Using flat 4-4-2 with WP on 1 side. Sometimes I change my WP to WM (S) if the opponent play too narrow. Team Instructions I always start with Higher Defensive Line (to shorter distance between my defenders and midfielders) and Work Ball into Box (to stop my player shooting from distance). But it really depends on situation on the field. If the opponent have pacey striker, I remove Higher Defensive Line; If I can’t create a chance, I replace Work Ball into Box with Pass into Space or More Direct Pass; or Play Wider if I want focus my attack from both wings. Player Instructions Short Pass for my defender with low passing attribute (DCR), Take Short Kick (GK), and Dribble More (MR). Result After half season I sit on 3rd, 15 points from Juve. Can’t complain. And now for 2nd half of the season, I try to create more attacking tactic, either change formation or change mentality/team shape. Is it okay to use OI for this challenge?
  2. How important determination attribute? I have 2 players with pretty good technical and mentality attribute (Jonathan Tah and Kai Havertz), but their determination only 10. Should I buy new player only to tutor them to increase their determination? or just leave it as it is?
  3. I'm in 2nd season with AC Milan Need good CB to pair with Romagnoli. Age doesn't matter My team mostly conceded from through ball and cross Budget under €50m Any advice?
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