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  1. Really like this challenge. I start new save with Fiorentina, and decide not to buy anyone in 1st transfer window. At first I use Control with fluid, but it didn’t work well. My team can’t create enough a chance and too many miss pass. So I lower mentality to Counter, to create slower tempo, and cautious build up play. Formation Using flat 4-4-2 with WP on 1 side. Sometimes I change my WP to WM (S) if the opponent play too narrow. Team Instructions I always start with Higher Defensive Line (to shorter distance between my defenders and midfielders) and Work Ball in
  2. How important determination attribute? I have 2 players with pretty good technical and mentality attribute (Jonathan Tah and Kai Havertz), but their determination only 10. Should I buy new player only to tutor them to increase their determination? or just leave it as it is?
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