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  1. Hi. Playing with Sirius in Allsvenskan. For some reason my resevere team is not entered into a reserve league, while it seems like every other club in the country has their reserves registered in some kind of league.
  2. Ballon D'Or was not given this year because of Covid-19. Sure its just not that causing it?
  3. My main issue is that it seems that your tactics is a lot more important than the ability of your players. With a certain tactic (not any cheat, but high pressing, wide play etc) you can almost take any average top 5 league team to CL-title in a few years. Typical Hoffenheim, Sassuolo, Newcastle etc. To me it seems like the quality of the players is far from being as important as the tactic. Being a football manager myself (Im actually in this game) I can say that the quality of the players is by far the most important single factor in this game. Its of course more complex than
  4. Wow. How come you dont apply for more people, there is surely more than 2 guys playn FM in Austria? In Norway I believe we are more than 30 researchers now (and we are a small nation with almost half the people living in Austria), gives a much more presise database as most researchers watch more or less every game from the team they research. Same with Germany should have at least the same amount of researchers as in England (where every team has at least one person working with each team)
  5. A bit off topic, but since it was discussed here. Am I understanding you right that you are only 2 guys doing research for all of Austria?? Dont every team has their own dedicated researcher?
  6. He is now such a proven player that he should have a set PA despite his young age and his set PA should be the highest of all classic centre forwards in the database as there is no other central attacker at his age proven so much as he has done. Just look at every statistic he has got the last season. You can also argue if his CA should be 20 point below players like Harry Kane, Sadio Mane and Luis Suarez.....there are few other strikers that has performed better than Erling in the last 6 monhts and we are speaking of current ability and not historic ability. Its easy ta argue that al
  7. Played around 10 matches now with the new tactics with very good results - but I have a big problem. I usually play fantastic first half's typically leading 2-0 - but after half time - the game turns around and 2.half is only a question if I could hold my win or if the match ends 2-2 (or once 2-3) - I hardly produce any chance's at all after half time. Any suggestions what to do? Have tried different half time talks with no success.
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