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  1. As for Sannes I saw him in about 10 3.div matches and 5 juniormatches last year. He is good, but not as dominant in field play as some of the best strikers at that level, but of course he has the potential to be better than most of them. I guess that I would give him a pa at -6. That would make him anything from an average eliteserieattacker to one of the 5 best eliteserieattackers if he fulfills his potential. Hopefully I will get to see him even more this season to follow his development. When it comes to Owusu he is hard to rate because he is so young. I saw him in both his matches in 3rd division last year (august and september) that was in total of about an hour play and he did not make much impact in any of those games, but you saw that his pace matched the level. I also saw in in february against Start G19 - and same there - not dominant at all in that match, but good pace and strong physique for his age. About G16 I only watched the NM matches last year, and of course on that level he is very good, but I find it hard to rate him as anything more than an average 3.division player as for now as he has not shown anything at that level yet. Hopefully he will play regulary in 3.division this year and it will be easier to rate how he is compared to that level. Maybe a CA around 60 and PA around -6 is the best choice for now....I dont know. Hard to rate players at that age, but you can tell he is far from the level of the absoloute best 15-16years old I have seen for the last years in Norwegian football. That does not mean that he cant develop into a beast in some years. He has the pace to do it.
  2. I am afraid the next deadline is fm21 as the researcher only gets to edit the database twice a year. But it is easy to do the fixes in the editor by yourself. And such small changes is problem free. As in the post above I have also always done more than 20.000 edits in my own database and never had any problems.
  3. Hi again. The loan deal is done by the Midtjylland researcher, but I will edit it the next time I get the database (have not had access to this player yet). I am member of the forum and I know that what you tell is how it is, but the dates are done by a danish researcher.
  4. Hi. I am the researcher for Lillestrøm, thanks for the feedback! Must admit that I was in the middle of a moving process in my privat life in the weeks before deadline, so no excuse, but this was not my best job. Kåsene is a big mistake and sloppy work by me. Cant understand that I have overlooked this for so long, seems strange. About Sannes and Owusu I agree, they will be added next deadline. Mauritz Hansen, I was just as surprised as you. This is not the work done by me, but probably by the Stabæk reasearcher. I have never asked for him to be transfered :) Again, thanks for the feedback and will try to improve next time. Please come with further suggestions if you find anything more wrong things.
  5. I really dont understand what you are talking about. Salzburg is rated as team number 116 in the database. Do you really feel that there is 115 better teams out there? And yes, they are quite superior in their league. If you are so unprofessional that one domnestic game is the reason you wont make them better, i am shocked. This season they have scored 59 goals in 16 matches in the Austrian league! PSG has 30 in 14....as an example (that you chose to use). I guess that is steamrolling. The only team in Austria, even close to the level of Salzburg, is LASK. LASK is by the way also quite underrated in the game, this year they just eliminated PSV from EL, so they are not a bad team (by the way, PSV rated 76th in game, far better than Salzburg - LASK is rated 255...haha. Conclusion: There is far from 115 teams thats better than Salzburg in the world. The teamwork/mentality arguement would be reasonable if there was like one or two matches they performed, but now it has been many. seasons now. 2018 they won their group in front of Marseille, eliminated Sociedad, Dortmund, Lazio and lost on extra time against Marseille. Last year, won their group with 6 out of 6 victories in front of Celtic and RB Leipzig. Smashed Fenerbahce and lost closely to Napoli. This year: Most scoring team in the group, smashed Genk over 2 games, draw home to Napoli and lost with one away to Liverpool and Napoli (two of the hardest stadiums in Europe). These results over many years shows that Salzburg has got players in top european class. They are more like the 40th best team in the world, at least far from being the 116th team in the world. None of the teams in the game with CA around Salzburgs level are close to the results Salzburg have got.
  6. Hi. I read what you write but when looking at the ratings the Salzburg players have, its clearly that they are wastly underrated. We are talking about a team coming to the semis in the EL last season and might go through (but probably not) from a really tough CL group this year. When seing Salzburg against top, top european opposition you see that the difference is not really big, but when looking at the database the difference is huge. In database Salzburg has got 10 players CA 125 or better. Napoli, has got 31! players CA 125 or better. It seems like Napoli could play 3 different teams equal to Salzburg and we all know its not true, they have more than enough beating Salzburg with their best 11. Most RB Salzburg players in their best 11 should at least be upped with about 10 ca points each. Salzburg is not not among the 115 best teams in the game CA-wise. Their results in european football should of course put them way ahead of teams like Leeds, Krasnodar, Norwich, Celtic, Cagliari and Werder Bremen to mention some of the teams with higher CA than Salzburg.
  7. Jan Oblak - his consistency should be raised above any keeper in the game, and since several of the other top keepers has got 17, I believe Oblak should have somewhere in the rate of 18-20. I just cant see what more he can do, he has more clean sheets than any other top keeper and been the best goal keeper in La Liga for 4 or 5 seasons in a row, if thats not consistency - what is?
  8. No, the right coach would never make England a force to be reckoned with, because England is far from having players close to being world class. Unfortunately in the db theres lots of far to good english players. English players lack vision, technical skills, flair, passing and dribling skills to succeed in real life and they lack the world class players that could have taken the rest of the players to the top. This is shown in every major tournament when they have to outplay teams they fail where the nations with real world class players do the job. Another point is that the biggest nations (germany, england, spain) has got far to many players on a high level compared to the 11-13 best players from lots of nations. Those nations has god like 4-5 teams matching the best teams of lots of other nations. In real life national team football you see that most top 15 nations in Europe play pretty even matches when meeting each others with few exceptions in top three. In FM the difference between the best 11-14 players is far to big between the nations and that makes it far to easy to win national tournaments with the big nations. If you as an example play with England you will in a few years time have like 50 players better than the best 3 players from Ukraine, Slovakia, Iceland etc. and with such advantage it will almost be hard not to make it great in national tournaments.
  9. Since 2006 I have tried to bring up this issue, but with more or less no respons over the years, both in the siren-forum when it existed and in here in this and the old forum (back in 2006 etc). During all major tournaments involving national teams we see it over and over again. When you bring up the best 11-14 players from each nation having qualified for tournaments, the level of the players are "more or less" the same, with a few exceptions in top 3 and bottom 3. The FM database have never reflected this and is just as bad now as 10 years ago. The biggest problem is, and has always been, the english research. English players has been very overrated as long as I can remember, both the top but also the width of the nations players. Add on that the PL has been overrated compared to other leagues for the last 5+ years and we have a problem making the game much more unrealistic than it needs to be. The examples is so many so its hard to sort them, but I will come with a few. Lets start with the obvious. England vs Iceland. The average rating among the 11 players starting for England: 150,7. The average rating among the 11 players starting for Iceland: 122,8. To that you can add that many of the English players has lots to increase to when you look at PA, and quite a few of them has got 10-20 ability points to come for the next few seasons. So: Lets have a look at the average Icelandic national team player. This is players having qualified before the likes of Netherlands and Turkey, and going through their group in front of Portugal and then beating England. How good is the average player according to FM? Most of the players would not even get a place in the Derby squad! A club like Derby have got 16 players with a CA above 124 and out of them 8 Englishmen! Add that Derby County has yet 3 English players with CA 122, and you see that a regular team as Derby has got 11 englishmen with the CA to play for the Icelandic national team! Seing this you dont exactly need the brain of a rocket scentist to understand that there are several hundreds of english players with better CA than the 11 best Icelandic players! Propably the researchers mean that England could field 10-15 teams with better players than the likes of Iceland, Hungary etc. How on earth can this happen? In general english players get far to high physical stats and also to high vision, flair and dribling and technique skills. Its easy to see when you look at the best english players, when they dont have south european and south american team mates to lean on they struggle to create chances against defensive teams and the defenders dont have the skill to press high up the field. They neither has the physical skills to outrun and outjump players from other nations and competition after competiton they perform according to this. In this game players from "big nations" far to easily get high ratings, while players from smaller nations, even the national team players get far to low ability. This makes such things to happen. Its a problem within several countries, but by far the biggest problem is in the english research. A few more examples: PL has got 4 teams with better players and higher CA than Atletico Madrid, two times CL-finalist for the last 3 seasons. Zero teams would be the right number. Top 15 teams in the world: PL 6 teams, Spain 3, Germany 2, Italy 2, France 1. What on earth have english teams done in Europe for the last 2-3 years to deserve this??? All PL-teams + several Championship teams with better CA than teams like Basel, Anderlecht, Gent etc...look how they have done in CL/EL the last years and try to explain it? I could continue for ever. My point is. The database is very unbalanced and its strange that no one never seems to look into it. The difference between countries and players are lots hugher than what reality shows, some nations are very overrated and there is no red line in the database below the top 20 teams (and even among them there are lots of strange things as pointed out above.) How a team of players not good enough for half of the championship teams in England can go this far in the Euro, well its hard for me to understand.
  10. Hehe, I had something of a similar experience. Was top of the table by 18 points with 7 matches to go. Pre-season expectations was mid-table finish. Before the match I was asked to have a team meeting because the next match could secure promotion. I told my players that they had done a brilliant season and that they should go out on the field and secure promotion! The reaction was extremely bad with 17 out of 20 players reacting negativ because promotion was way beyond what our expectations was and that I was demanding to much of them.....how would any group of players react like that with 18 points gap and 7 matches to go?
  11. Good work! Its clear for anyone that watches lots of football from all the big nations (and not just following one league) that this is not the case in real life. The research of the PL has been done biased compared to other leagues for a long time now. Hard to understand why if you watch both the results in Europe, but also if you actually watch lots of different football. The pace, the tempo, the composure of the players etc is not outstanding in PL compared to La Liga and Bundesliga for sure. This post should have been up for discussion in the research forum, as it is the researchers that obviously think this is the right attributes.
  12. Propably all 3 spanish teams will beat both of them.
  13. Hi. I have just started playing this version (usually waits until the last patch). My question: Is the manager reputation ranking list gone? I have usually had fun looking on how I climb through the rankings reputation wise after starting as an unknown manager, but cant seem to find it in this version. All I find is rankings through matches won etc, but not for how my reputation is (world class, continental etc). Another question. After becoming manager of the month in Vanarama, it said I had earned 280 manager points. Any where I can find a list upon how many manager points I have earned compared to other managers in the league? (and world?) Thanks for any answers!
  14. Does anyone get this to work with the default skin? For some strange reason I cant make it work om Fm2016, all other graphics I have installed (facepack, logos, kits etc) is showing, but on stadiums I only get a small picture on my home screen, but no background pictures is showing and I just cant figure out why.... Thanks for any suggestions!
  15. This tactic working wonders for me. Playing with Chester in conference, predicted to be 16th. Started the season with 20 wins - 3 draws and 1 loss! Top of the league with 15 points down to 2nd place!! Scoring lots of goals and have kept a clean sheet in 11 of out 24 matches! Always starting with home formation, changing to away when needed.
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