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    I am a 3rd year Biomedical Science student at University of Manchester trying to get onto a medicin

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    Pirate ship. Yaaar. (not that sort of pirate- the cool kind)


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    Football obviously, badminton, medicine and health

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  1. davidnio_42

    April Fool!!

    Anyone else just passed April 1 in game and got the £500M bonus and new stadium? Curse you SI you magnificent tricksters!
  2. davidnio_42

    FM11: Official Kyle Walker Thread

    He is a great loanee in the Championship first season, was a cornerstone of my Norwich side.
  3. I doubt West Ham and the Olympic Stadium will be in it as there is no deal yet, Leyton Orient are challenging it.
  4. davidnio_42

    Impressive old players

    Scholes and Giggs can be brilliant for Man Utd, first season only and not every game, but their intelligence and work rate as well as technical ability more than makes up for lack of pace.
  5. davidnio_42

    Home Page Title Bar Colour

    Its in Preferences, Display & Sound, 'Reverse Human Titlebar Colours' Its to differentiate between humans and teams, but I dont like it either so I turn it off.
  6. I am coming to the depressing realisation that despite playing all the games since CM4, I am actually quite bad at this game. Are there clubs that are nice to players on a learning curve, for example generous expectations for squad ability, or with patient chairmen? Where did everyone else 'learn the trade'?
  7. davidnio_42

    dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Well, fudge. Got sacked, a run to the 1st round proper wasnt enough to compensate for a heroically bad league performance. Reloady time!
  8. davidnio_42

    dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Looking forward to this great challenge, as a Man Utd fan myself there was only one option really... Profile
  9. It does happen in real life but it isnt really the same, and I agree it is a bit of a bug. Didnt villa spend £6m on bosko balaban and he never played?
  10. davidnio_42

    My best result so far on FM11

    Nice one, got to love Cupsets! I myself went out to Cardiff in the FA cup 6th rd, as er, Man Utd.
  11. 36 year old Paul Dickov for Reading, very youthful inexperienced squad... He added a much needed injection of rubbish.
  12. davidnio_42

    Board Buys Player = I have no money

    He was inconsistent because he was mental, not cos he was short.
  13. davidnio_42

    Very basic question

    Hi and welcome! There isn't a tutorial per se but there are loads of helpful threads in the various forums. If you press F1 ingame you can get help on particular elements of the game. To set your lineup, leftclick the box just to the right of your players name and select from the positions there, alternatively rightclick to select players in order. You can set the youthteam lineup, but most people dont and I wouldnt recommend it for a newcomer. The assistant will take care of it. The youth team operates alongside the first team, not separately. You can move players back and forth freely, select from the 'squad' button in the top right of their profile. If you sign a player young enough, just stick him into the youth team or reserves unless hes ready for the first team. Not sure what you mean with B, you dont really manage it, but you get a fresh batch of 7-8 players every year from your academy, if you have one. You can set a 'can be recalled' clause in a loan deal, but most preset loan deals dont have them, and it is very rare with loans involving future fees. You can tell how long the loan is, and how much of the players wages each club is paying, in the 'Contract' section of the player's profile. Hope that helps, enjoy FM
  14. Ive noticed this too, but I think its one of those things where you only notice it if it happens, ie you pay no attention to the loads of time you get a totally random team in the draw, but when it happens to be one of the last 3 teams you played it feels freaky.
  15. Me too. Preordered it on the 21st October, and it still says awaiting dispatch- I cant believe they just havent dispatched a load of games, so I can only assume the online system is flawed or not updated as often as it should be. Having said that, I wont be ordering it from them again.