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  1. FM14: Good Goalkeepers

    Name:Igor Akinfeev Age: 28 Nationality: Russian Club: CSKA Moscow Position: GK Value: 6m Sale Value: 5m but in few games becomes available on free transfer Work Permit Needed?: Wont be a problem as Russian international. I have signed him twice now on the free, a very good backup keeper if you have world class and brilliant first team keeper too. Modest wage demands in my current game he is on 40k a week. I know he is known already but for the value and how good he is, well worth it.
  2. FM 14: Sliders gone, thoughts?

    I hate change but I do like how its been done to be honest, in fact im enjoying the tactical side a lot more now in general because of the charges!
  3. Tried V12 and well couldn't have been any worse 3 defaults for my new powerhouse arsenal team.,including a 4-0 loss to spurs
  4. Have tried this with my Arsenal new game and 14 games in undefeated and one draw, did buy one great player Gotze and pulled one striker down to AMC but damn its working well!
  5. Looks like a lot of polish on this area, looks good for sure.
  6. FM2013 Not more steam please

    Personally I really like Steam it works really well for me over last few years now.
  7. made a startling discovery

    This was advertised as a change either in this release or last? As you go through steam and need internet connection to register then no need for cd checks.
  8. Large Player Datebase

    You can just select general size or if you select custom you get that screen. If you break it down into loading regional data you will get even more players. So example I loaded English players and added another 15,000 or so.
  9. I used to be.....

    I used to be a champ man fan, when it was the real champ man made by the creators not a new studio who just took the name.
  10. Glassy 4-4-2

    Download will work better in firefox, if tried in IE might have problems.
  11. Currently Barcelona for sure, ive never had problems winning with them. To be fair this reflects real life
  12. [RELEASE] 60 Playable Nations and Extra Champions Leagues

    Nice job Uknown Hacker, do you mind if I host it on my site?
  13. FM2012 or MW3?

    You can do both. I prefer BF3 but I mix it up a bit with FM I can stop and start so with my little en around its perfect.
  14. Constructive Criticism (Of Steam)

    Ive never had an issue with steam and I think its actually pretty good...dont kill me!
  15. Spurs Brazillian tactic

    Ive uploaded a copy if you're having problems downloading it. Can get it here. I'll try it with Arsenal when im back from holiday